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TINGKAT PERKEMBANGAN POLINDES SK/Surat Pendirian Polindes * Ada 2 . Makalah POLINDES IKM Kelompok 2 IndividuDocuments. Download .docx). Bookmark. ILMU KESEHATAN MASYARAKATmore. by Meri Juwita Fitri. MAKALAH POSYANDU DAN POLINDES. Download .docx). berikut ini adalah beberapa bentuk wahana psm. KB-KIA, tabulin. MAN JADDA WA JADDA Bentuk wahana PSM polindes tabulin posyandu.

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The frequency of such visits depends on endemicity class. In other words, the elimination of these ponds would not directly affect nutrition in the community.

The analysis of makalzh concerning P.

Two groups of 30 patients received either artemether or quinine. Each health worker was assigned eight polndes 12 subjects and tasked with visiting their homes each morning to administer the drug with the morning meal. This days also applied for P. The waste blocked the flow of sea water and created breeding sites for A. At this time, there were only physicians in Indonesia for about 60 million people.

In contrast, Kasnodihardjo et al. It has been estimated that malaria affected 30 million of the 77 million people who populated the Indonesian archipelago in the late s and early s Azir, ; Ketterer, Methoprene World Health Organization, h and pyriproxyfen World Health Organization, a prevent larvae from maturing. The density of larvae was observed a day before application, then on days 1, 2, 4 and weeks 1, 2, 3 after application. Of 20, germinated seeds, 12, were planted alive.

Health officers may then design a health message for the community that stresses how clinical malaria typically occurs in that community. Rice fields were cultivated once a year during the wet season. This time, however, the scheme proved exceptionally successful in Cihea. Therefore, improving PCD represents an important goal in supporting malaria control in those relatively high endemic settings.


The relative difficulty of removing the breeding sites of Anopheles maculatus and A. The cadres involved, each one responsible for 40 households, had been trained to makslah clinical malaria signs and symptoms and make blood films. Their makwlah used 15 treatment pools and five control pools.

Pengembangan wahana psm by zen andromeda on Prezi

In laboratorium scale, it was revealed that the liquid local strain of BTI recovered from soybean medium polidnes administered at dosages of 0. After an initial peace agreement inthe territory of Indonesia was reduced and the MoH now served only 30 million people.

However, polides the same period, the MoH reported no malaria data in Jakarta province Departemen Kesehatan, d. They found that there were no recurrences within 28 days following treatment.

The Anopheles leucosphyrus group of mosquitoes about 20 distinct species transmits P. The study showed that the higher concentration was associated with higher mosquito mortality.

The direct pouring application was done by dissolving larvicide at a dosage of 1. On February 1, and every 2 weeks thereafter, the irrigation supply to the area of the first scheme was reduced by one-sixth before being completely stopped on April 15 Takken et al.

There were insufficient labourers available to prepare the rice fields in the short time frame imposed by his plan. The treatment for P. This strategy relied heavily on DDT spraying to interrupt malaria transmission.

Annual growth rate, life expectancy at birth, health expenditure per capita and all indicators in healthcare delivery systems were regained from World Health Statistics Report and World Health Organization, ba.

As shall be seen, these are also two of the most malarious provinces in Indonesia. The larval mortality was observed after 24 h. Seventy-nine percent of those households sampled were located within a kilometre of UKBM western: They showed them anopheline larvae, anopheline adults and dissected mosquito stomachs, and also taught the preparation and reading of blood slides, described anopheline-borne malaria transmission and explained the importance of measures against the mosquitoes.


Each method oolindes repeated four times over 21 days, with a weekly interval between each run. The study showed that the cumulative risk of parasitological failure with true recrudescence of P.

Migrations within Indonesia certainly bring cases of malaria from high to low endemic areas. This estimate agreed with the measurements of force of infection Jones et al. A total of 6. By the mid- to late s, less than 2.

Malaria Distribution, Prevalence, Drug Resistance and Control in Indonesia

Patients with positive slide results were almost always given treatment the next day mean 1. A blood film was taken from each subject once a week. As a result, the vector perished and malaria vanished from over square miles. The cultivation of fish thrived and the anophelines vanished. The study showed that, by day 42, cumulative risk of recurrence for P. In order to intensify the role of schools, training, supplies and supervision are encouraged. This article does not include the body of knowledge on the complex array of anopheline vectors of malaria found in Indonesia.

The activities of the pharmaceutical industry ensure the availability, accessibility and polindew of drugs to the community.

makalah polindes

Malaria control strategies were therefore managed differently for Java and Bali than makalwh all other islands. Then, inFryauff et al. Data cited by Atmosoedjono in Takken et al.