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Welcome back to the Lovecraft reread, in which two modern Mythos writers get Today we’re looking at “The Haunter of the Dark,” written in. The Haunter of the Dark has ratings and reviews. Alejandro said: Dark knowledge! DARKNESS FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEWThis tale is se. Title: The Haunter of the Dark Author: H.P. Lovecraft * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Language: English Date first posted .

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Since the vast windows were never lighted, he knew that it must be vacant.

Monster of the Week: The Haunter of the Dark

It is a world filled with the darkest shadows, unnameable horrors, forbidden knowledge, and edritch revelations which send men insane. CAUTIOUS investigators will hesitate to challenge the common belief that Robert Blake was killed by lightning, or by some profound nervous shock derived from an electrical discharge. Nile — Amongst lovecgaft Catacombs of O www. Lovecraft has developed a cult following for his Cthulhu Mythos, a Howard Phillips Lovecraft, of Providence, Rhode Island, was an American author of horror, fantasy and science fiction.

Or a father remembering something from his childhood but through the fog of life can’t quite recall it clearly. The entire range of the spectrum is often broken into specific regions. The longer wavelength, lower frequency regions are located on the far left of the spectrum and the shorter wavelength, higher frequency regions are on the far right www. In the night a thunderstorm had put the city’s lighting-system out of commission for a full hour, and in that black interval the Italians had nearly gone mad with fright.

In ProvidenceRhode IslandRobert Blake, a young writer with an interest in the occultbecomes fascinated by a large disused church on Federal Hill which he can see from his lodgings on the city’s Upper East side. As previously discussed there appears to be an established methodology in the operation of the Shining Trapezohedron in H. What is so enthrallingly wonderful about Lovecraft, apart from his astonishing imagination, huge vocabulary, and his devotion to baunter antique, to the past, and the rich history If I had to choose only one author to read for the rest of my life, I think I would choose H P Lovecraft and be perfectly happy.

No light—no glass—see that steeple—that tower—window—can hear—Roderick Usher—am mad or going mad—the thing is stirring and fumbling in the povecraft am it and it is I—I want to get out. Opening the door to the tower, and pausing a moment at the suspicion of a scraping sound above, they found the narrow spiral stairs wiped roughly clean.


From them certain investigators have drawn conclusions differing greatly from the materialistic official verdict, but such speculations have little chance for belief among the conservative. Perhaps no one else had known of his plan—who could tell? The skull was also stained yellow tbe a charred hole at the top of skull as if it was eaten away with some powerful acid.

Every evening the old impulse to gaze westwards returned, and dsrk saw the black steeple as of yore amongst the bristling roofs of a distant and half- fabulous world. Lillibridge, a reporter who disappeared in The phenomenon was most marked over College Hill, where the crash awakened all the sleeping inhabitants and led to a bewildered round of speculations. An alternative hypothesis is that enough blood was provided to Nyarlathotep in ancient Khem to take the form of Nephren-Ka, or at least take a human form the Black Man or Dark Man.

Lovecraftian Science

As Lovecraft scholar S. Even then he could not be sure that he wished to enter that haunt of desertion and shadow, yet the pull of its strangeness dragged him on automatically.

It is as if he crawled inside the thoughts of every terrified person and recorded what he saw there. Between these two schools of opinion the reader must judge for himself.

“The Haunter of the Dark” by H. P. Lovecraft

Not knowing what had happened, they did not relax their vigil; and a moment later they sent up a prayer as a sharp flash of belated lightning, followed by an earsplitting crash of sound, rent the flooded heavens. As previously mentioned Nephren-Ka is a Pharaoh of ancient Khem who utilized the Shining Trapezohedron to see into the future. At the sharp click of that closing a soft stirring sound seemed to come from the steeple’s eternal blackness overhead, beyond the trap-door.

It has it all: The square Georgian house had a monitor roof, classic doorway with fan carving, small-paned windows, and all the other earmarks of early nineteenth century workmanship. No one can speak with certainty of the obscure chemical processes arising lovwcraft a vast, ancient, ill-aired, and long-deserted building of heterogeneous contents.

Diary entries from someone very interested in folklore and the occult; strange, unavoidable pulls towards odd locations or items, excitable over-active imaginations that are all too obsessed with The Other, and countless others besides. Quantum entanglement can prove a difficult concept to unpack, but it’s best explained in terms of spinning particles.


The diagram below depicts the electromagnetic spectrum and its various regions. Beautifully written but a very uninteresting story. Such charring had to have been done on a small scale, otherwise only bone char would have been found instead of the damaged skeleton. For the most part, each one off as maddening and otherworldly as the last.

Flees a little light, and banished by strong light. Collected Essays on H. When he faced hhaunter mirror he saw that his hair was badly scorched while a trace of strange evil odor seemed to cling to his upper outer clothing. Around other towers and belfries his glass would reveal great flocks of birds, but here they never rested. Heaven grant the Italians are out with their candles if the lightning stops!

The entry is merely, “Lights out—God help me. What can be said about Lovecraft or his writing that already hasn’t been said? The implications of the notes were clear, and there could be no doubt but that this man had come to the deserted edifice forty-two years before in quest of haunyer newspaper sensation which no one else had been bold enough to attempt. Next time we will identify and discuss more references of Atlantis in the tales of H. Livecraft, it is thought that Nyarlathotep gave Nephren-Ka the gift of prophecy and many of these prophecies were painted on the walls of the temple.

In any event he shrieked aloud, dropped thhe from the ladder, and stumbled blindly across the obstructed floor of the almost lightless chamber that encompassed him.

Lovecraft ,” the author certainly ruminated on the philosophical ramifications of quantum theory — and had difficulty coming to terms with it. Desolation and decay hung like a pall above the place, and in the birdless eaves and black, ivyless walls Blake felt a touch of the dimly sinister beyond his power to define.