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Hi list, Is there any video version of HDM`s Black-Hat talk available out topics in slides, ant it`s just get more interesting when HDM present it. Racket (fast ruby packet decoder). General ruby libs like net::dns. LORCON . Moxie Marlinspike SSL null-byte attack revealed at Blackhat. SSL certs validated . Connect with this designer on Dribbble, the best place for to designers gain inspiration, feedback, community, and jobs worldwide.

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Two separate stack buffer overflows exist in the AirPort wireless driver’s handling of malformed frames. How often are users receiving true 3G for their data transmission speed with the iPhone 3G? By Robert Graham 1 comment: What about the video analysis? Arno Edelmann’s career at Microsoft could have been severally damaged, for one thing.


[framework] Black Hat USA 2007

Then someone else tries to join Sore throats Of course, this junk ad-hoc network doesn’t go anywhere Unless of course, someone brought up a network with the same name I am not able to release and details of email or conversations between Slidea and my email address at my former employer. VPN allows access to internal pages, right? Browsers have cache Cache, by nature, remains around Users don’t notice If I own your TCP session, I own your cache control Fast cache Client is fed a spiked JS file with cache set to 1 years That file remains in their cache And is re-used when they revisit that site From inside the secure office network or wherever Don’t think it’s a problem?

Yes, Blacknat provided them with code. Which would get us LAN access to the system Being too trusting Clients are really trusting If you say you’re network Foo, you must be, right?

[framework] Black Hat USA

Indeed, she has become a bit delusional about them. Thursday, March 01, More Blackhat The opposite is true. In her delusional paranoia, she has claimed that other well-respected bloggers were part of the conspiracy to threaten her because nasty comments appeared not only on her blog, but on forums attached to other blogs as well. Drink the entire glass when he shows Katrina, which pro-warming scientists overwhelmingly believe had nothing to do with global warming and everything to do with building a city below sea level in a hurricane zone.


This won’t work against me! The basic idea is to attach the inputs of a program to a source of random data “fuzz”. Speed of user experience is the biggest concern When one person runs wlides Skyhook desktop software, they will compromise the location of everyone behind an access point.

I deactivated it an setup it up again 3 different times and still no joy. Is the stock market crashing? Monday, March 05, Helping reporter in Bay Area. The relationship dissolved after that. I suggest using a MAC address of Sure, the Moxie bug is fixed What about the next one? It took me 5 minutes to find a remotely exploitable bug when I downloaded sample implementations from the OPC Foundation a couple years ago.

Links to this post. Now when logging in I am asked for the 6 digit number on my token. Marwan Al-Namari Week The software will also provide “location based” services, such as search and advertising. Most users don’t seem to be experiencing the near Wi-Fi-like performance that the 3G spec promises.

Lots of forums are essentially “troll-free” because anti-troll efforts work. The presentation and code samples should be up on both our site erratasec. Not really, users still have to be smart enough to not accept a bad cert And users would never do something insecure, right?

Seriously, though, every piece of scientific data I googled didn’t stand up to scrutiny other than the fact that humans are indeed dumping a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere, and that CO2 has at least some greenhouse effect. It may seem like a small point, but if Edelmann didn’t actually make that suggestion, then it’s a severe violation of journalistic ethics.


My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. We changed our toorcon talk from Device Drivers to the Apple tell all.

Errata Security: March

Unfortunately, many throughout the blogosphere backhat leapt to support Kathy. Or did he distort it because global warming, like space aliens, doesn’t exactly exist?

They then claim “0-day protection” for the vulnerability, and Slixes confirm that by testing with the PoCs.

They could be nasty personal comments, or political claims, or religious statements, or anything else that will provoke people to give the trollers attention. I alides call a man a “dick” in nearly polite conversation, but the equivalent insult for a female is so offensive that I can say it here. Clever people who collect that information can exploit it in interesting ways. If you have a blackberry and its not displaying the right time, you might need this patch.

Every time there was a huge action scene I thought the slow-mo killed all momentum, it was like watching a music video Of course I freely admit this may be an error on my part, although Lorvon followed the instructions step-by-step 3 different times.

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. This may or may not be due to the caller. Auth with social network: We can just ignore them. To begin with, the guy probably has nothing to do with Blackha. Persistence pays off Who has read rsnake’s VPN paper?

Switching off the wireless switch or removing the wireless NIC. While such IP addresses change in theory, they change infrequently enough that it could still be useful to Skyhook.