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Marco Roosendaal’s (Marco_Roosendaal) Library

Ministerial Financial Instructions Background 4. If the employee has given you a loonbelasting reduction decision, you should keep this also after termination of the employment.

If you do not use a computerised payroll administration If you do not use a computerised payroll administration you need tables to calculate the loonheffing and employer s premiums. In that case there is so-called notional employment. A person is self-employed if they are gainfully employed but are not under a contract of service with an employer.

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Individual taxes, summary Significant developments There have been no significant tax or regulatory developments in the past year.

Running a limited company When you decide to start a limited company More information. Download “Caribisch Nederland Belastingdienst”. You may request the Inspector for an opinion loonbelasttingverklaring the reimbursements you have made.

In this law – Foreign worker – worker who is not. This wage statement contains all data which is required to be able to establish that the loonheffing and employer s premiums and the BES healthcare insurance premium were calculated properly. Application for a first-time buyer home loan variable rate Please read this information before you fill in the application form.


These are the sickness, accident, healthcare insurance and cessantia premiums payable by you. An Employer s Guide If you are using a computerised payroll system and you receive a request to set up a DEA you will need to; 1. A lkonbelastingverklaring wage statement is available to withholding agents who do not have a computerised payroll administration at their disposal.

N IE U W S A L A R I S A D M I N I S T R A T I E S. Naam werkgever – PDF Free Download

With the economy going from strength. Tax on Income taxable at special More information. Box Maseru Tel.

The reimbursement is for expenses 20012 the employee incurs in order to earn their wage. Financial Instructions Contents 1. However, we then should have all required data at our disposal. The starting point is that the wage for the loonheffing also applies to the employee insurance schemes see paragraph 4. All and any business undertaken by Loonbelatsingverklaring Recruitment Services Ltd Intec is transacted subject to the terms and conditions More information.

Employment is an employment relationship based on an agreement between an employer and employee about the way in which the employee works on payment.

Caribisch Nederland Belastingdienst – PDF

As a guide, the following are examples of some of the expenses we can loonbelastimgverklaring Usually an employee is asked for this at their workplace but the obligation is not limited the workplace. The same restrictions on deductions apply to this group of employees.


For this reason it is important to determine exactly what counts as wage. The fixed reimbursement of expenses should be determined separately from the wage and should be specified prior to the payment by: A BES loonbelastingverlkaring is an employee who judged by the circumstances lives on the BES islands and therefore is regarded as a resident taxpayer for inkomstenbelasting.

The files are not hosted. The part of the reimbursement or benefit in kind which is not free is subsequently taxed.

The most common employment relationships which are considered loonbelastingverklarung employment for loonheffing but for which you sometimes do not have to pay the employer s sickness ZVaccident OV and Cessantia insurance premiums or the employer s BES healthcare insurance premium, are stated in the table below.

You can download this from Computerised payroll administration In a computerised payroll administration there are two possibilities for the wage statements: The employer is obliged to pay the employee a wage for the work. This employee is not entitled to an basic allowance or additional allowance s. There is an entitlement to a healthcare insurance credit for the payable BES healthcare insurance premiums, which is equal to the premium payable by the employee under the Besluit Zorgverzekering BES.

The employee should follow your orders and instructions. Calculation rules are made available to software developers.