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· Home | LEGO | TECHNIC | – Airtech Claw Rig | Instructions. Instructions for – Airtech Claw Rig. o · Download a PDF of this set. Set number: ; Name: Air Tech Claw Rig; Also known as: Technic Truck With Compress & Pneumatic System; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Technical . 28 Items ItemName: Lego Air Tech Claw Rig, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and % parts, all in excellent condition, with instructions box and plastic.

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Words can not describe the feeling when the truck’s compressor and pneumatic system was first put into order. Couldn’t find the building instructions that you were looking for? That’s it for the main model, moving on to the alternate: Some support will be built soon. Here you can see the gears for the engine 24Tand the input axle for the steering 8T. A V6 engine is fitted instructionns the front boot, and the final piece of the boom is added.

Cab finished, moving on to the arm. I know this image looks confusing, but the main part is quite simple; The grey tubing connects to the compressor, and provides input to the two switches. Even the rubberbands still hold up, 20 years later!

Instructions for – Airtech Claw Rig |

Thanks for the great review! Using the pneumatics to move the turntable is good. Hrmm, I guess I have to start looking for one now! Nearly finished now, with the engine compartment and windshield forming. The turntable in this model is actually pneumatic driven. This was helpful The ,ego tubes connects all the cylinders to their respective outputs. The transparent hose is the inlet hose for the pneumatic system.


Custom steering hubs are made for the two steered front axles. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Most Lego sets are suited to play with from age 4 and up, because of the small parts they include. Even comes with a steering wheel! H I forgot to say.

Instructions for 8868-1 – Airtech Claw Rig

Thanks for the review Leg godt Jeroen. You can buy the tanks separately on Bricklink for about 7 Euros each.

The two rear differentials drive the engine with fan. I have or had all the Technic flagships from the beginning to this day so it is not pure nostalgia.

Instructions For LEGO 8868 Air Tech Claw Rig

When the crane chassis is placed, it’s locked by a passing 12L axle, which goes through the axle and instrucgions connector in the center of the turntable. I must admit that I had forgotten how old the set actually was.

Where does the weight go? My original rubberbands also still hold up like D3K’s. I got this model as a Christmas present shortly after it was released one very happy 11 year old. This was some sort of pneumatic loop. The operator’s cabin is complete, and the compressor is taking shape. Try to minimise these when storing your Playmobil. According to Brickset, the crane weighs 0,48 kgs. Further ahead you can see how the switches are held in place by modified plates.


It makes the switch turn when the motor has driven the mechanism to the end. Next is attaching the cylinders for the front boom’s elevation.

After being introduced to istructions wonder that is the Lego pneumatic system with sets like BackhoeUniversal Pneumatic Set and the Power Cranethis set raised the bar even further. Sign up for a new account in our community. I love the small details on it two differential, rigid hoses. The diffs are mounted opposite ways, because of the connecting axle inbetween. The main model works fantastic, looks almost like a real truck, and is as solid as a brick.

This set ranks among my top 10, and is certainly worth the bucks I paid. The frame for the crane is built as a separate unit, then placed on the turntable. This is the first time i ever see that the turntable is actually turned by pneumatic cylinders