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A. In electronics, a Lecher line or Lecher wires is a pair of parallel wires or rods that were used to measure the wavelength of radio waves. The Lecher wire experiment found in undergraduate laboratories is usually limited to the observation of the voltage distribution for open and short circuit. An improved Lecher wire experiment. To cite this article: M B Allenson et al Phys. Educ. 8 View the article online for updates and enhancements.

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This issue of Short Wave Craft magazine would have the copyright renewed in How does it differ from the POS?

The RF current is usually coupled into the line through a single wiire loop of wire at one end, which can be held near a transmitter’s tank coil.

File:Lecher wires and oscillator png – Wikimedia Commons

My favorite, though, was wiring our ADC circuits directly into the address bus through opto-isolators, of course of a Commodore 64 so that we could get data points every 10 ms when we wrote our apps in assembler. How does it work — does anybody know?

There seems to be something to that. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.

Permission Reusing this file. One of those ways is to have the bar be two terminals of a neon bulb. In electronicsa Lecher line or Lecher wires is a pair of parallel wires or rods that were used to measure the wavelength of radio wavesmainly at UHF and microwave frequencies.


Another angle showing the diode. Ldcher loop is only around 3.

Using a Lecher Line To Measure High Frequency

Less than half baked idea, but could a similar setup be used to pecher the swinging length of a guitar string? Dictionary of Pure and Applied Physics. Graph of the data. Then the distance from the end of the link to the shorting bar is a half-wavelength.

The next one further away is a full wavelength. To really make this article shine, it would have been nice to go back and verify the measurements with some known standard.

By sliding a conductive bar that bridges the two wires along their length, the length of the waves can be physically measured. Also in my setup the other end of the line is open, the wires are not connected together there. The frequency f of the waves can be calculated from the wavelength elcher the speed of the waves, which is the speed of light c:.

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Detecting really tiny current with a long filament, huge magnets, and some optics. Probably results will be more accurate if wires will be farther from wooden base. As a typical example, something like a Colpitts oscillator may be used, tuned with a varicap diode that changes its depletion capacitance strongly as the bias voltage across the diode changes — which is what allows control of the oscillator frequency from an applied bias voltage.


An improved Lecher wire experiment – IOPscience

R Jessop [15] uses a Lecher line anode tank. What follows is a bit about Lecher lines, how I did it, and the results. They were also used as componentsoften called ” resonant stubs “, in UHF and microwave radio equipment such as transmittersradar sets, and television setsserving as tank circuitsfiltersand impedance-matching devices. How do you test the oscillator circuit you just made that runs between MHz and Lechee if all you have is a MHz oscilloscope, a few multimeters and a DC power supply?

Lecher wire wavemeter

The oscillator is a voltage controlled oscillator. Commercially available and ohm twin lead balanced ribbon feeder can be used as a fixed length Lecher line resonant stub. Lcher in your details below or click an icon to log in: Looking for more high frequency measuring projects here lecger Hackaday?

Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The uniform spacing of the wires makes them a transmission lineconducting radio waves at a constant speed very close to the speed of light. Here I thought it was men in overcoats and galoshes at the ticket counter of an X-rated movie theatre.

A Lecher line consists of two parallel wires or rods that form a balanced transmission line.