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Consequently, we feel that sharing knowledge through interdisciplinary actions and the commitment of all the players involved in the various tiers of government who were engaged in monitoring this case, play a vital role in ensuring the best possible care for this adolescent, opening up new and real prospects for better days to come.

It is natural that chronic conditions in themselves perpetuate a general feeling of insecurity in patients, particularly when a disease imposes physical, cognitive, social or other constraints at some point l life, undermining the patient’s self-esteem even more. Multidisciplinary analysis of a patient with a chronic disease: For Pless et al. With the results of the laboratory examinations leukocytosis with left deviation, evidence of very high inflammatory activities and chronic anemia and having dismissed other diagnoses tuberculosis, leukosis, bacterial colto and other infectionsthe conclusion was reached that this was the case of juvenile idiopathic arthritis JIA in its systemic form Still’s disease.


In order to assist him, he was sent by the Guardians’ Council to a halfway house run by the Municipal Social Welfare Bureau. Chronic disease is slotted into a context whose complexity varies, with periods of relative tranquillity alternating with periods during which the clinical situation worsens, resulting in generally lengthy hospitalizations as required to return to an even balance. We describe his routine from hospitalization through to diagnosis and the impact caused by this new status on his life and those of the practitioners in the various specialties monitoring him throughout this entire period.


However, a deadlock occurred: Despite possible correction or compensation, negative impacts on the social contexts of patients remain severe.


Potentially disabling, they have long term effects adolescentrs psychological, physiological and anatomical functions, with extremely limited chances of responding to curative treatment. Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis may progress through peaks or present as a single outbreak in the course of the patient’s lifetime. Cadernos sobre o mal: This comparison is valid insofar as newborns die for something in order to be reborn into something else, including adolescents, who leave their dying childhood behind.

Even the term ‘chronic disease’ is not unanimously accepted as appropriate – some authors feel that the phrase ‘chronic condition’ is more appropriate. During his hospitalization, the patient reported that he was very scared of drugs because of the pains he felt in his body when their effect faded away.

There is a possibility of controlling it in the course of the patient’s lifetime, with asymptomatic periods or not.

La Causa de Los Adolescentes

If we adapt these concepts related to chronic disease to the adolescent universe, the contextual complexity will certainly increase significantly. In terms of schooling, he knows only a few basic combinations of letters. Initially, his general status was poor, sleepy do,to spending the entire day lying down, with constant fever.

In order to meet his needs, a place was found with a foster family. As he needed medical care, he was referred to a front-line clinic State Civil Defense and Health Bureauwhere he was diagnosed with possible pneumonia, treated with IV antibiotics for three days and transferred to our unit, characterized as a ‘street dweller and crack user’. It was difficult to approach him as he was extremely withdrawn, making it hard to identify his physical symptoms accurately.

He seemed to want to protect himself as he did in the street. The relatively long time between his admission to hospital and his diagnosis dr links of trust to build up between the patient and the team.


However, cases of negligence are noted. The chronic patient requires special medical, psychological or educational care and specific facilities at school or at home.

Françoise Dolto – la causa de los adolescentes | Nahúm Ruiz –

We believe that the life of this adolescent was saved to a great extent by the strong and affectionate links that he built up with the professionals working at the Halfway House, established before he was admitted to hospital and proven by the presence and commitment of these professionals to him and to ourselves throughout the entire process, all intended to seek the best possible outcome for his case, which was discussed at a interdisciplinary war meeting, as well as on other occasions with the Halfway House coordinator and the patient himself.

When its impacts are severe, changes are required in the habits and routines of the patient and his family. Although everything was explained to this adolescent, he did not feel comfortable with the idea. Wary and nervous, yes, but he never demonstrated any aggressive attitudes.

The J Pediatr ; 3: Finally, he was living in an at-risk situation in the street, perhaps driven out by difficulties in adolescenttes family and experimenting with drugs.

Little by little, the entire team adolewcentes, and at no time did C appear hostile.

Pediatrics ; 58 1: He was not accustomed to receiving attention and cxusa have people looking at him in a situation of care rather that threat. He spent 69 days in the teen boys ward.

Children attend school very little, and when they do so, they are forced to work in some way in order to contribute to family incomes. Adolescence, chronic disease, reception, negligence, psychic suffering, interdisciplinarity, juvenile idiopathic arthritis.