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Title or reference: Kriminaliteti i organizuar. Translated title or reference: This book is available in hard copy at the library KJI. Keywords: Krimi I. Krimi i organizuar si faktor me ndikim në proceset politike – Rasti i veriut të Kosovës . Qollakaj, Fatmir (Kolegji AAB, ). Siguria është kategori kushtetuese. Krimi i organizuar transnacional: sistem dhune dhe pushteti. Front Cover. Zamir Poda. Shtëpia Botuese “Moravia”, – Organized crime – pages.

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They have limited resources and expertise to investigate online criminal activity. Am I supposed to do that for you?

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Rather, they were killing innocent civilians. He claimed that a huge region had been controlled kriji the terrorist and separatist KLA.

ApproximatelyAlbanians were driven out of Kosovo in Ku po shkon Afganistani?

Those were the killings that happened in the Prizren municipality. It completed its duties conscientiously and responsibly.

Rruga drejt integrimit dhjetor First and foremost, they wanted to protect themselves, and then their superiors, and the state of Serbia. They have chosen not to know, not to remember.

And online security issues are not limited to criminals. Email this article Login required.

October Witness Velibor Veljkovic — disloyal to his own—firmly stated that Albanians had not fired at them and that all the victims were civilians. Stuxnet, Duqu and the security breaches at defence contractors are good reminders organzuar what’s at stake. In the online world, you have to worry about criminals even on the other side of the planet.


It is understood that things such as killing an enemy—Albanian civilians—are allowed, even desirable, without room for justice. All the corpses were civilians; no one was wearing a uniform. No one responded to this word, not even the judges. Through the ethnic cleansing, an ethnically pure space without people and language has been created.

Thus, it could be concluded that all the murdered children from the Berisha family were terrorists. The Republic of Kosovo is organizuat efforts as a young state to strengthen rule of law and efficiently combat criminality in general, and specifically organized crime, as a condition for its journey towards European integration perspectives.

This crime, like many others, was organized, carried out and executed by the state. We have been witnesses of ethnic cleansing as a state-organized crime. He knows exactly what to say. The policeman behaved like cowboys.

Revista e NATO-s – Krimi, fusha kompjuterike dhe siguria më

They want to protect themselves, their superiors, and the state. MarchThe killing of Kosovar Albanians is presented as a normal thing to do. All the orders came from the commanding station in Pristina. Some things are easy to see: These changes are happening right now, during our generation.


Unprotected Roma witnesses krii not afraid to publicly state all that they knew. We are talking with the families, exchanging information, drinking coffee, and laughing. He is extremely patient and is doing his best to lead the witness to say all that they know about the events in question.

FebruaryThe unnamed witness has also continued to deny any knowledge of the murder of the Berisha family.

Zene u crnom – Women in Black – Belgrade – From Organized Crime to an Organized Lie

He stated that his ancestors have always given blood for his country when it has been necessary. None of them hoped that they would be held responsible for their crimes. I have been a brave officer and have always gone with the ranks.

An unnamed witness does his best to conceal that what we are dealing with here is ethnic cleansing organized by the state. Kosovo Police, PrishtinaData on the situation of criminality and money counterfeit for the period People who came from Krusevac assisted it.