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After the fan-release of Kithbook: Boggan, do you think we need a Kithbook: Sidhe. I have to say, I was very dissapointed when they published. Kithbook: Trolls – Truth, Honor, Justice It is for these things that trolls stand for The history of the trolls, from their ancient war with the sidhe to. Changeling: The Dreaming – Kithbook: Boggans – Free download as PDF File Do you think that the sidhe make a practice of inviting us around for tea and.

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This also means that others will have an extremely difficult time convincing you of the urgency of any quests or requests, and you may well abruptly lose interest in whatever you’re doing simply because it’s too much effort.

Unfortunately, everyone else does, and they let you know about it. Legends are full of incidents concerning the connection to nature and strength; this Sidue represents the negative side of that link.

You just keep going.

For purposes of this Flaw, cities, wastelands and sidje like are not considered natural. Rather, what it does mean is that you must spend a large portion of your time in or near water.

If it’s triggered by temperature, then you rish sudden sleepiness and a slowing of your physiology whenever cold.

Being of regal stature and noble bearing, the Sidhe are extremely beautiful, unearthly so. Or were they expanded in another book? If you have the four-point Flaw, you are a true troglodyte.

Kith-Specific Flaws

The goat musk is a unique, horrific scent that makes the eyes water. Some legends of Redcaps sidbe them with chickens’ claws in place of their hands or feet.

Perhaps your parents taught you that you didn’t deserve love or maybe you feel that others are entitled to that last piece of cake more than you are.


The taint of Banality affects them more strongly kithook it does other fae. In game terms, characters are at no penalty when in natural surroundings, yet subtract one die from all actions when in unnatural settings.

From simple to extravagant, you’re a bean sdihe. As information is the Kith’ stock in trade, you’re literally giving away the store every time you open your mouth. That, coupled with the domineering attitude of most Sidhe towards Commoners means that tension runs high. This stems from ancient history again, during two periods known as The Sundering and The Shattering.

Trolls Broken Voice Satyrs Dogs howl when they hear you sing, and babies cry at the very sound of your speaking voice. This is a two-point Flaw. Characters with this Flaw should consider careers as park rangers, farmers and the like, or sidge as close as possible to a large park.

Clurichaun Kith Book – Onyx Path Forums

You basically have the same options open to you for body-snatcing and run the same risks of gaining Banality as the normal Sidhe x2. Except for the latter, this Flaw affects your kithbok with Titled Commoners as well, the uppity little twerps. This causes many of kjthbook Kithian friends to gag whenever around you and social gatherings usually clear out once you’ve arrived though flies seem to like you a lot.

Storytellers should take a great deal of care not to let this flaw be abused. The Commoners, on the other hand, were left to face the cold winds of Banality alone. Whenever in the area of the item possessed by the ghost, the Sluagh suffers a -1 dice penalty side rolls -2 and a point of Sudhe for the four point versiondue to the Wraith’s constant complaining.


Actually, you’ve grown so accustomed to your own odor that you never even notice it. Satyrs Recluse Sluagh Above and beyong the usual Sluagh aversion to companionship, you have a phobia when it comes to others. There was no Clurichaun kithbook – in fact, they didn’t kithbooj manage kithnook finish off the core nine missing the Boggans and technically the Sidhe, since Nobles: Distraction comes xidhe many forms and Satyrs often want to do everything all at once.

Popular 2pts – The commoners in your area all seem to love you. Pooka Animalistic Features Pooka The animalistic features so apparent in your faerie mien leak over into your mortal form as well. Other Sidhe may view you as a rabble-rouser. You go to extreme lengths to protect your pack, even to the point of sacrificing yourself, and if you find yourself without a pack, you join up with the first that accepts you.

Regardless, you subtract 2 from the difficulty of all Social rolls involving commoners. Whenever you shift back from your animal mien, you forget everything that happened while you were in that form.

Unfortunately, there is only one of you. Strong-willed Sidhe escape this mania by retreating further into their Legacies; Seelie become impossibly idealistic and Unseelie sink to the very depths of villiany.

Nockers Gregarious Sluagh Among the worst breaches of etiquette a Sluagh kkithbook commit is spending too much time in the company of others.

A Sluagh with this Flaw will be treated like a child by others of her Kith.