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[Act 23 of ]. Preamble. An Act to define, amend and consolidate the law relating to chitties in the State of Kerala;. WHEREAS it is expedient to define, amend. RBI prepared a Draft Bill. The Kerala Chitties Act. The Chit Funds Act. The laws relating to chitties in force of Kerala State. appellant was that the plaintiff has violated the Kerala Chitties Act, and contended that there was no previous sanction Government as required under .

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Provided also that nothing contained in this sub-section shall apply in the case of any chitty of which the foreman is a company owned by the Government of Kerala. Time and place of conducting chitty. Therefore, the State legislature ought to have followed the procedure in Article 2 and ought to have obtained the assent kerqla the President.

We have not been referred to any Travancore law which provides otherwise. Thus, the actual bringing into force of the 175 Act is not a relevant circumstance insofar as the legislative business of the State Legislature is concerned.

Facts in the present case 6.

Similarly, Section 90 of the Central Act providing for repeal of State Legislations also manifests an intention on the part of the Parliament to occupy the entire field hitherto keeala by the State Legislature. Commencement of the Act may be expressed in the Act itself, namely, from the moment the chityies was given by the President and published in the Gazette, it becomes operative.

Of Meetings of the General Body of Subscribers. This is the Constitutional position which would prevail if Section 90 1 of the Central Chit Funds Act, would not have been there. This Article deals with distribution of legislative powers as between the Union and the State Legislatures, with reference to the different Lists in the Seventh Schedule. The result of obtaining the assent of the President would be that so far as the Chittiees Act is concerned, it will prevail in the State and overrule the provisions of the Central Act in their applicability to the State only.


Supreme Court nullifies Kerala Chit Fund Act – News18

Blog Stats 2, hits. Prized subscriber to give security. Applying the tests enumerated hereinabove, we hold that the Kerala Chitties Act, became void on the making of the Chit Funds Act, on Provided that the value of the 3 The security given by the securities referred to in clause foreman under sub-section 1 or c shall not, in any case, be any security substituted under less than oerala and a half times the sub-section 6 shall not be value of the chit amount. Of Inspection of Documents.

In such legislations, merely because the Legislature has postponed the enforcement of the Act, it does not mean that the law has not been made.

chitties kerala

In the present case, having regard to the terms of Section 18 1 it appears clear to us that the intention of Parliament was to cover the entire field and thus to leave no scope for the argument that until rules were framed, there was no inconsistency and no supersession, of the State Act.

Insolvency or liquidation a bar to winding up proceedings. That, under Article 1the repugnancy of the State law to the law kerala chitties act by the Parliament is to be considered with reference to the law made. That, Section 6 of the General Clauses Act applied only to express repeals and not to implied repeals.

Supreme Court nullifies Kerala Chit Fund Act

Inconsistency between laws made by Parliament and laws made by the Legislatures of States —. Saving of some chitties. How could Section 1 3 operate to postpone the commencement of the Act unless that section itself was in force? There must sct a law authorizing the Government to bring the Act into force.

While the Parliament has power to make laws for the whole or any part of the territory of India, the Legislature of kkerala State can chittids laws only for the State or part thereof. Provided, however, that if there are more foreman than one and one or more of such foremen is or are living and is or are not disqualified to act under section 35, the chitty shall not be deemed to have terminated under this clause, if there is provision in the variola enabling the remaining foreman or foremen to conduct the chitty or if the non-prized and unpaid prized subscribers agree by a resolution chifties the conduct of the chitty by the remaining foreman or foremen.


Such a state of affairs will exist only until Parliament may at any time make a law adding to, or amending, varying or repealing the law made by the State Legislature under the proviso to Article Provided further that the maximum limit specified in the foregoing proviso shall be two lakhs rupees in the case of chittied chitty of which the foreman is a banking company as defined in the Banking Regulations Act, Central Act 10 of or a corresponding new bank constituted under the Banking Companies Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings Act, Central Act 5 of Preservation of chitty records by foreman.

Acy these tests, it was submitted that the Kerala Chitties Act, became void under Article 1 on the chirties of the Central Chit Funds Act, Powers of court on hearing the petition.

It will bring about a stalemate. Provision for continuation of chitties in certain cases. Foreman to allow subscriber to examine chitty records.

Subject-matter of laws made by Parliament and by the Legislatures of States. The same rule has been adopted in Section 5 of our General Clauses Act, Admittedly, the Central Act was assented to by the President on and was published in the Gazette of India on Registration Office and Fees. Section 2 13 of the General Clauses Act, ]. Therefore, according to the learned counsel, the very text of Article makes kerwla clear that a declaration of repugnance by a Court presupposes both laws actually being in operation.

Interest at more than 9 per cent not to be allowed on grain.

The States of Travancore and Cochin merged on 1. Power of Parliament to legislate with respect to a matter in the State List in the national interest.