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In this tutorial we shall show users the usage of JUnit Example Web JWebUnit is a Java based testing framework for web applications. Along side of development lifecycle, most of us looking for a way to be sure that the unit of work that has been written is working properly and committed. Tutorial. The QuickStart contains sample code and guidance to get you started with jWebUnit. Creating a TestCase jWebUnit uses two approaches for creating.

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As it turns out, behaviour-driven development or jwebuit design” is a great way to model user interaction with your application.

The code in Listing 1 uses your.

Gets the test case’s context. Line 12 clicks on the link on that page with the text Cookbook. Sets a resource bundle to use for the test context. If the link isn’t present, the test fails with AssertionFailedError. It establishes the context for tests. Automated testing saves you the time and effort of performing the same test steps repetitively.

Because you need to run the GoogleTest test case, the test suite tytorial pass as parameter to run method takes GoogleTest. Adds a cookie to the test context. If the test fails, the report looks like the one in Listing JUnit – Extensions Advertisements.

Web Testing BDD-style With JWebUnit and Easyb

So, if you are interested to learn more about BDD, come along! A simple JWebUnit test case is shown here: It wraps existing testing frameworks such as HtmlUnit and Selenium with a unified, simple testing interface to test the correctness of your web applications. You use this class to work with information such as cookies, session, and authorization.


This includes navigation via links, form entry and submission, validation of table contents, and other typical business web application features. In this conversation, the form is submitted and the next page lists the search results. The first step is to declare a class that extends from WebTestCaseshown in Listing It is the engine that provides the API to write Cactus tests. You can use it to access items such as locale, base URL, and cookies. Listing 1 shows an example test case written with HttpUnit that tries to click on the “Cookbook” link on the HttpUnit home page:.

I’ll show you how to download the jWebUnit libraries, configure the Eclipse platform to develop jWebUnit test cases, and build a sample test case.

It runs in memory, so it’s fast. And your test can click on a link with particular text that appears after other text. This test case will fail at assertion because the results page contains no link with this text.

In a unit test, mock objects can simulate the behavior of complex, real non-mock objects and are therefore useful when a real object is impractical or impossible to incorporate into a unit test.

It lets your test count the number of links present on a Web page. The application is a test case to open a Google search page and search for the text HttpUnit. Data APIs for Developers.


Then it asserts tutorjal the page contains a form element with the name q — the name of the query-entry text box on Google’s home page. The next two statements set the proxy host and proxy port to connect to the Internet. On Google’s home page, the button named btnG is the button labeled Google Search.

The statement in line 8 searches the page for a Web link that contains the text Cookbook. You can play with cookies, such as assert that a cookie is present, jwebunti cookies, and so on. Table 1 describes some of this class’s commonly used methods:.

If a link is found, the user sees the message Test Successful!! Jjwebunit, Easyb is built on Groovy. Reports like the one above can also give users and testers a better understanding of what is being coded.

Create test cases for Web applications

Quickly and easily gain access to the tools and information you need! TestCasewhich represents a test case in JUnit. When you run Easyb against a scenario like this one, it will be flagged as “pending implementation”. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. Like many BDD frameworks, easyb lets you express your jaebunit more precisely, your user’s behaviour in almost plain English, before filling in the details with test code.

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