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Discussion and development of the “Itanium” portable C++ ABI used by many major C++ implementations. – Itanium C++ ABI. The Itanium ABI (which GCC uses) may specify these things (as within specifying ranges) Most types’ size and alignment is specified in the Intel System V ABI. Virtual Table Layout General A virtual table (vtable) is a table of information used to dispatch virtual functions, to ac.

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Therefore, any cross-references within the RTTI to types not known to be complete must be weak symbol references.

Itanium C++ ABI

There may be forward references in the result type to the template parameters. This is used in names itahium specializations in particular, but also in types and scope identification. An appropriate grammar modification would be necessitated by an order-insensitive vendor extended type qualifier like const or volatile.

This article is about name mangling in computer languages.

Add alternate to construction vtable proposal. Revise inheritance graph order definition. That is, secondary VTTs are present for all bases with virtual bases including the virtual bases themselves, which have their secondary VTTs itnaium the virtual VTT section agi, and secondary virtual pointers are present for all bases with either virtual bases or virtual function declarations overridden along a virtual path. Discuss vague linkage for virtual function override thunks 5.

Identifiers in Fortran 90 modules must be further mangled, because the same procedure name may occur in different modules. All substitutions are for entities that would appear in a symbol table. An embedded-application binary interface EABI specifies standard conventions for file formatsdata types, register usage, tianium frame organization, and function parameter passing of an embedded software program, for use with an embedded operating system.


Correct mangling substitution example. Managing selectors is more efficient than manipulating the textual representation of a method.

Itanium C++ ABI

Usage of the other bytes of the guard variable is implementation-defined. Unless otherwise specified, preorder derived classes before their bases is intended. Hence, an earlier scheme of providing a hash-table into the list of base classes as is done e. Non-Virtual Bases Only Structure: More elaboration of construction vtable. This article has multiple issues. This article possibly contains original research.

Application binary interface

In the specific case of bit Itanium shared library builds, a virtual function pointer entry contains a pair of components each 64 itaanium The virtual function overrides a function or functions appearing in the virtual table, but the return type of the overrider is substantively different from the return type of the function s already present.

The data members must be laid out exactly as specified. This may occur because the implementation cannot, or chooses not itanuum, inline the function, or because it needs an address rather than a call. That is, rather than being a normal function pointer, which points to such a two-component descriptor, a virtual function pointer entry is the descriptor.

These virtual tables are for specific cases of virtual inheritance. All of these types have data size and non-virtual size equal to their size. However, the ABI committee did not realize this fact until after the specification of key function was complete; therefore a pure virtual destructor cannot be the key function.

In the case of this exception, the primary base and the derived class share the virtual table, and can share the virtual function entry because their ‘this’ and result type adjustments are the same. Unlike Cfront, unary and binary operators using the same symbol have different encodings. The format of signatures is documented, as the language, compiler, and.


Whether the mangling of a function type includes the return type depends on the context and the nature of the function. Only non-virtual proper base classes. VTT is preorder, like everything else. It is expected that this will be the ‘natural’ order in most compilers.

This ABI does not specify that choice. Note that, as specified in the data layout document, when V is used as a virtual base, its virtual table contains vcall offsets for every virtual function declared in V or any of its bases.

Because of this, implementations of a method are given a specific identifier too — these are known as implementation pointers, and are given a type also, IMP. The Abu runtime maintains information about the argument and return types of methods.

Italics in non-terminals are modifiers to be ignored, e.

Application binary interface – Wikipedia

The second offset identifies the vcall offset in the nearest virtual base, which will be used to finish itanuum this to the full object. Haven’t come across that before. Since the Standard requires a virtual destructor, and it will rarely be called, it is a good candidate for this role.

Since we require that a call to C:: Any indirect primary base class E of the current class C, i. If a component has been encountered before, it is substituted as described below.

Further mangling requirements were imposed later in the evolution of the language because of the addition of modules and other features in the Fortran 90 standard.

Note that the above exclusion of function and operator names from consideration for substitution does not exclude the full function entity, i. X in this case.