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Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) is a self-sufficient co-housing development. Five earth-sheltered homes are built with high thermal mass and high levels of. Download scientific diagram | The Hockerton Housing Project Case Study 1: Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) from publication: Values, Value Change and a . The residents of the five houses at Hockerton Housing Project live without heating in their homes, all their energy requirements are generated from renewable.

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The houses have passive solar heating a combination of high thermal mass and the south-facing conservatory removing the need for a space heating system and the greatest factor in lowering hockdrton use.

Water use is reduced through low-flush toilets and flow-restrictors on shower heads. The excess exported offsets the imported energy from the grid. This runs the full width of each dwelling.

Hockerton Housing Project Tours – Visit Nottinghamshire

The tour includes a guided walk around the site to learn about food, water, renewable energy systems, a tour of one of the homes, and a presentation on challenges faced during the build and subsequent development of the project.

Newark Market Place provides a focal point for the town. Home Explore the BBC. For other similar communities in the UK see: Rainfall on the fields is channeled to a sump from where it is pumped to a houslng to the north of the buildings. Opening Times Sorry, this event has passed. Sustainable Hayfield is organising a minibus tour of three homes on Saturday 5th November Find out more about page archiving. Views Read Edit View housinf.


Hockerton Housing Project – Wikipedia

Five earth-sheltered homes are built with high thermal mass and high levels of insulation to eliminate the need for heating systems. Intrigued by what an earth-sheltered home might look, or feel like, inside? Please visit their website for more details. For more information and to book: The self build project allowed members to contribute to the building of their own homes according to skills and availability.

Hit F5 to refresh. Hockerton Housing Project Cost: Most of the internal rooms have 3 metre high French windows linking them to the conservatory.

Hockerton Housing Project Tours

Already saved an Itinerary? Each house is 6 metres deep with a 19 metre conservatory to the south. Liquid waste then takes days to pass through the reed-bed, with the reeds roots breaking down the liquid effluent. Retrieved bockerton ” https: Please wait while image loads.

Drinking water is captured from the conservatory roofs in copper pipes, which are slightly antiseptic, and stored in a tank that holds at least days worth of drinking water. What an overview of what is like to live sustainably? Sustainable buildings in the United Kingdom Sustainable communities Buildings and structures in Nottinghamshire.


Join our weekly or monthly newsletter for the latest updates from across the city and county. Monday — Saturday 8. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Skip to main content. More information can be found on their website.

Detergent free laundry balls keep the water unpolluted. Email Page Print Page.

The water is passed through 3 filters before it enters the homes: Solid waste is captured in a septic tank. This tour includes a guided walk around the site to learn about our food, water and renewable energy systems, a tour of one of the homes, and a presentation on the challenges faced during the build, and subsequent development, of the project.

Newark Castle and Gardens are lovely, formal gardens Facilities Other Booking essential – Call or email to book your tour. Instagram Whats On Twitter.

Introduction Hockerton Housing Project HHP emerged from the desire of a small group of people to develop a lifestyle more in projext with the natural environment and its cycles.

Related SouthwellNottinghamshire. We wanted to build homes that would use the power of the sun directly as the main source of energy to heat our homes.