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He should discontinue this seal after achieving an equal number [of repetitions]. In what direction was the body born? Posted by ravi dhurandhar at 5: All tastes are indeed without taste. See with your eyes the illusions of the worldhear with your ears but never speak. Ship Worldwide Feel free to surf my blog:: Bhakti Samadhi, the devotional samadhi 2.


Om Shiv Goraksha

Saturday, July 12, om chaitnya shiv goraksha nathaya namah. O mysterious, invisible, fearless master, you are omniscient. You immortalized Gopichand and Bharatari kings who becamehis staunch disciples. He asked, “What happened to the ash? One should repair to a solitary place and chant this mantra so devoutly that he becomes oblivious of his own body 6 Siva goraksa subhanama, Me sakti bhari agadha Lene se haim tara, Gaye nica koti ke vyadha Om Siva Goraksa Yogi- this auspicious mantra contains measureless sakti power.

Where does the root reside? In it the 72, channels originate.

Om Shiv Goraksha

Their union is difficult to achieve. Accepting me as your devotee, bestow upon me yourteachings. M Knowledge Gyana is the lamp; the word shabda is the light prakash ; contentment santokh — santosha is the wick in which the oil resides; one should destroy duality and be without partiality akhandit.


The holy sage Amrit Nath concludes that Karma is supermost; it is the result of Karma, its power, that an inspired practitioner of Yoga finally enters into the Samadhi, the state of final extinction of the fire of life and its merger into the supreme cosmic consciousness for ever, having no trace whatsoever of material, sub-material or supra-material Karmic existence.

Its departure [causes] death. He recommended light, early digestive food and the food with cooling effect on the body. The [ten] are always carriers of the life force, [and they are respectively associated with] the deities of moon somasun, and fire. Guru Gorakhnath is thought to have authored several books including: At what place can one have the realisation of them? But, it is reasonable, rational and can lead the sincere practitioners to their direct perception. This stanza briefly mentions the esoteric process by which this is accomplished.

There may be grief or happiness; there may be virtue or sin; there may be birth or death; there may be a person, opulent or pauper; there may be doubtful or doubtless; there may be somebody, far away or in the lap, everywhere there is the trap of attachment all around. At what nerve centre chakra is the union or penetration sandh applied?

M The word Mantra is the seed; perception mati is the womb or land; and attention surti is direct hearing, and discrimination nirti is true vision; the ocean Uram is Joga and the earth Dhuram is the method; light joti is liberation and the refulgence Juala is salvation.


Of all the Masters through the ages, there is one acknowledged Master who has been referred to in the ancient scriptures, in legends and mystic tales, in passing mention by many renowned masters. How can one enter the fourth Turiya state? By killing the demons, you protect your devotees.

Posted by ravi dhurandhar at 2: How can the conscious mind attain to self-transcendence? His idea of Samadhi is very revolutionary and unique. I really like what you’ve obtained here, really like what you are stating and the way during which you assert it.

Offering the rote prasad made with wheat flour with lighted lamp incense, one should meditate deeply with folded hands. Goraksya who knows the disk, which is like a [brightly shining] jewel, in [its] head is a knower of Yoga.

Shree Amritnath Ashram

Lead a simple life free of passionssays Goraksanath. One who reads the forty verses of Goraksh chalisa everyday, would attain with perfect knowledge and super powers becoming a master in yoga. M The birth of the mind is from the Formless Avagatthe vital breath from the mind, and speech from the breath; gorqksha is dissolved in the mind. M The Pure, the Formless Anil is the house graha and the Unconditioned avagatthe habitation has ; in the womb of the Beyond Atit he remains for ten months; through mind he has water and through vital air pavan he drinks elixir or milk amrit ; in the direction of Omkar the body takes birth.