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10th Edition Examkrackers MCAT Complete Study Package · Jonathan Orsay Examkrackers MCAT Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning. David Orsay. COUPON: Rent Examkrackers Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning 2nd edition () and save up to 80% on textbook rentals and 90% on. MCAT: Medical College Admission Test: Examkrackers passages in Medical David Orsay. Other Authors. Examkrackers, Inc. Edition. 2nd ed. Published.

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The stems are ok, but the answer examkfackers Or am I just making up excuses. I went rather slow and deliberatly through the first half when I looked at the time and realized I only had 30 minutes left for as many questions. Very helpful for the MCAT reading and verbal section!

Its okay though because I knew verbal was going to be the hardest. The main idea concept doesn’t seem too bad an idea though. I got I from a friend so I should complain too much. I was sort of wondering how people were doing the EK test as it’s verbal is set up examkrackerw the old test. My EK scores are getting frustrating to the point I feel like tearing up my stuffed animals. I was curious if there was anyone else using editipn My favorite is when on one answer they get so nitpicky on one question regarding the phrasing of the question or the answers choices, but then are totally oblivious to aspects in other answers that they don’t even mention which, at least in my mind, make other answers “more correct”.

Thanks for the response. This page was last updated: I would recommend sticking with AAMC practice questions for verbal.


New with no writing in the book.

Examkrackers 101 Verbal

Exactly what I thought. The questions go by much quicker if you know the passages well. Had I gotten those right, I would have scored an 11! Unfortunately, my book ends at pg !! I know PS is before verbal. Many thanks in advance!!!

Aw geez, I am feeling a bit suicidal. I scored a 5!! I think the EK and kaplan verbal exams are good indicators and the kaplan should be used just for the paesages of reading more difficult academic level essays and the EK for question format. Kind eddition hard to make it to medical school if you’re dead huh?

Cuz it’s like, when I’m timed, I’m so nervous, I’m like I can tell a pretty dramatic difference from when I started my prep. Unfortunately, taking the tests as if I’m not timed usually results in me finishing the test in 2 hours, which is quite not allowed.

Sometimes I feel like I’m rushing through the passages. Even got a 12 on AAMC 8. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. I took the first one last night at a busy starbucks to begin to aclimate myself to the “be prepared for anything” test climate and I got rocked.

Staff View: Examkrackers MCAT :

Maybe I can get an 11 on the real thing Jan. That info is no where in the passage about oyester shells?? I personally did not find the EK verbal questions useful. Also shop in Also shop in. Remember, you can take your time on verbal passages. Condition is Like New. Yeah I think I’ll do that. So did anyone take EK 12 and 13? Pages can include considerable notes-in pen or highlighter-but the not More information Files must be less than 2 MB.


That’s incredible either way.

I hear your pain man, Verbal is the tool of the devil. Guys, check this out – I did verbal test 5, and pasages what I got? It’s funny, I see a lot of people giving stories like this that obviously are good at verbal. I got an 8 the first time I took the MCAT, but I used the Kaplan mapping strategy and always ran out of time, I also barely reviewed any verbal outside of timed CBTs, so I’m hoping that my score really can improve to an 11 this time around In any case, my scores thus far: If you use this strategy in EK books and then move over to AAMC tests, you will probably get confused by conflicting results because the tests are not that similar.

Just do 7 passages at a time roughly 40 questions out of the 1st edition book and you will passabes getting the 2nd edition experience.

The chart is on page of your EK passages book. For me breaking up the sections extends my prep, keeps my brain fresh to analyze the passages to ensure I’m picking answers for the right reasons, and allows me more time to review the passages in more depth.