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‘EMQs for Dentistry is comprehensive and well thought out, and will prove to be invaluable to every student in the run-up to exams. I wish there had been more. Contains more than EMQs covering the dental undergraudate syllabus taught in the UK’s dental schools. This book contains questions which are grouped. Contains more than EMQs covering the dental undergraduate syllabus taught in the UK’s dental schools. Questions are grouped by subject enabling.

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Chapter 6 Management issues in psychiatry. Candida albicans causes fungal infections and Prevotella intermedia is associated with periodontal disease.

Turner syndrome affects only females; they often have a short webbed neck, low set ears, small in stature but normal intelligence. Item location see all.

Dental Library-EMQs for Dentistry ,2nd edition – Dental Library-

He has hypercalcaemia, which is currently under investigation. What is your diagnosis? She had difficulty blinking with the right eyelid and found food tasted funny. Radicular Cysts 2 4. Hyperphosphataemia is an electrolyte disturbance with elevated ekq levels in the blood that can result in chronic renal failure. Characteristically there may be a neurovascular bundle and sometimes salivary acini found in the cyst wall.

Slightly rotate the brush occlusally during the procedure. Beta blockers are prescribed for cardiovascular disorders and anxiety. Children with heart failure usually have difficulty breathing, low blood pressure and excessive sweating.


Most people are right handed and therefore when trying to hit someone else, they make contact with the left side of the face. Ideal for medical students and junior doctors, this book is intended to complement rather than replace other psychiatry books, and will help students develop a better understanding of the clinical dehtistry of psychiatry.

There is also dullness in the flanks and in the suprapubic region.

EMQs for Dentistry, 3rd Edition|Health Sciences Bookstore

In this case SLE is the cause in light of the normal fasting glucose result, excluding diabetes. The patient in Q3 should have a convergent squint as well.

She has symptoms of iron deficiency, and this points to malabsorption. They can take up to a month to heal.

Dental Caries — Histology 4. Establish two large venous lines, cannulae, take blood for cross- match and baseline studies.

EMQs for Dentistry

Ibuprofen should be given mg three times daily for five days. The 23 questions cover history-taking, communication, and practical stations. Often parotid swelling is unilateral; if it is bilateral, other infective diseases such as mumps should be considered. It can be minor, major or herpetiform. There are several types, including follicular, plexiform, acanthomatous dentiwtry basal. There is evidence of the sequestrum dead bone and involucrum newly formed bone. The young banker denitstry has unilateral pain and neurological symptoms in an atraumatic scenario sentistry likely to have a prolapsed disc.

This pain resolves at rest. Dates of Eruption and Chronological Age A 0 month B 2 months C 4 months D 6 months E 6—7 years F 7—8 years G 8—9 years H 9—10 years I 10—11 fog J 11—12 years K 12—13 years L 13—14 years M 14—15 years For each of the following children, choose the most appropriate chronological age from the list above.


The symptoms can be very variable, commonly though spongy or swollen bleeding gums with loose teeth are a sign picked up if the individual is a regular dental attender often with recurrent infections and haemorrhage. He has haematuria and exertional breathlessness, and is apyrexic. The year-old woman is underweight, but the question does not state that she has lost weight.

Less common entities that can ddntistry included in the differential diagnosis are odontogenic myxoma, ameloblastic fibroma, central odontogenic fibroma and intraosseous mucoepidermoid carcinoma.

A patient who has a severe headache and collapses is most likely to have a subarachnoid haemorrhage. Juvenile Periodontitis — Epidemiology 6. If it does not re-erupt, then ankylosis is likely and extraction may be necessary to prevent ectopic eruption of the secondary successor.

Psychiatry Finals: EMQs and OSCEs

Subject 2 see all. Endodontics requires a periapical view as well as more advanced periodontal diseases. She exhibits spoon-shaped nails and has a smooth tongue.

He complains of non-healing sockets which breakdown and bleed.