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: Emax Cf kv Brushless Motor W/prop Saver for Rc Airplane Multicopter(pack of 4 Pcs): Toys & Games. The Emax CF brushless out-runner motor is slightly more powerful than the E-Flite Park It is capable of producing up to 22oz of thrust and generate. KV (rpm/V), Diameter, mm. Length, mm. Shaft, 3mm. Prop Size, 10×5 or 10x Customer Reviews. 0 Based on 0 reviews. 5 Star. 0%. 0. 4 Star.

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The motor can be inserted through the flange from the rear and the shaft will extend out the front of the model where you can mount a prop. The little red motors are a good place to start, they make it easy for wmax Log In to reply. This is one of the few places in this hobby where you get something for almost nothing.

Neskair on January 16, Use it on 22822 homebuild DLG with 3 cell mah. So you can screw the mounting eax to the model’s firewall and then secure the motor with the grub screw.

I just got into the hobby and when I started I bought about six motors of different kinds including this one. Royall- Not sure but I hope to get and article put together soon but it will be pretty specific to these little red motors.

Scroll up to the close up pic and you’ll see the screw on the f22s’ motor Log In to reply.

Emax CF kv Outrunner Brushless Motor

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of emac website. The shaft is held in in the rotor by a set screw. If you are in the states and don’t like ordering from across the ocean, it can also be had from many suppliers in the US. Checking “Remember Me” will let you access your shopping cart on this computer when you are logged out. Do they dislike dust? A grub screw is used to secure the motor to the mounting plate.


It looks like the sweet spot for this motor is nine turns of 23 or 24 gauge wire. I use them with the Skywalker 20A Esc.

We also sell an aluminum stick mount that will work with this motor: The rotor can then be removed from the stator assembly. If you lose one or both of the screws you can replace them easily with a 3mm socket head screw. Address the items in the weaknesses section and for about six bucks you’ve got what I think is a great motor. The motor runs great on 3s lipo on apc e-prop 8×4.

I’m up north in Murray I was actually just saving this link so could practice re-winding some of my motors, good tips on this!

After removing the set screw, the shaft can be pressed out of the rotor using a drill press. To mount a prop, you can use a 3. Mine 282 get abused pretty regularly COMBAT and it’s not unusual for one of my trainers to bury itself in the dirt, I just knock the dirt off and keep going.

ejax We recommend you use 3. The flange can be turned around degrees and mounted to a front firewall. To deal with this mounting problem, I modified the motor so that I could mount it by its front. Be careful not to overtighten, it is possible to crank down on the screws so hard that the bearing gets squished.

My tricopter was powered by the ‘s and they worked brilliantly. Email Address For security this will not be shown. Purchased Emax CF was identical to the original motor that was damaged. But have also had good luck replacing them. This is one great motor, I used it to replace the motor on a hobby zone super cub, and the power is amazing, it is powerful, reliable, and I just can’t describe how happy I am with it!


Bearings- the bearings are cheap, they can be replaced if needed.

Emax CF2822 Brushless Outrunner Motor

But note that I live at an elevation of 9, feet, which reduces the air density so that the RPM is higher emaax it would be at sea level. Add Collet-Style Prop Adapter. Be the first to ask here. Since most gliders use a front firewall, this makes it awkward to mount the motor. Rob Does what it says on the box.

-R/C Store – CF

The smax usually aren’t a problem unless the motor mount gets screwed down too tight. Foam Addict on November 14, Our sod farm reportedly has been sold but I’m pretty sure we are still going to be there for the spring sWARm, Check us out on our Utah County flying 222 on RC Groups, drop in a say hi. Shop Securely Follow Us. Another thing that can help with this is stress relief. Log In Wishlist My Cart. It includes propeller saver type adapter.

Avoid constant high throttle.

The shaft can be eamx from the opposite end of the rotor and the set screw can be securely tightened to hold it in place. Chopped shaft, riding pusher on an F I’ve seen posts that claim the little red motor is a decent six dollar motor, but a crappy ten dollar motor. These have the strongest shafts of any small motor Ive tried. Do not duplicate or redistribute in any form. APC 8 x 6E. I had to blue locktite the two rear hex screws that hold the motor to the mount as they vibrated loose.