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Getting started with ejabberd. Overview; Options to use ejabberd; Architecture. However, the guide is believed to help you understanding ejabberd’s code. These tutorials assume installation on localhost for development purposes.

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The installer will deploy and configure a full featured ejabberd server and does not require any extra dependencies. The new password also includes the reason and the date ejabnerd time of the ban.

ejabberd Installation and Operation Guide

Path to the directory with ejabberd documentation. Please be extremely cautious with your actions, and exit immediately if you are not completely sure.

This module enables configured users to broadcast announcements and to set the message of the day MOTD. When there is a risk of failure for a given component, domain balancing can cause service trouble.

Getting started with ejabberd | ejabberd Docs

This primary system is sufficient for fast deployment and connecting XMPP clients. Note that the Windows service is a feature still in development, and for example it doesn’t read ejavberd file ejabberdctl. Path to the PID file that ejabberd can create when started. The default value is false. If no rule matches deny is returned.


All built-in modules support the xml: Security issue Namespace delegation gives components access to sensitive data, so permission should be granted carefully, only if you trust the component. This system is configured using environment variables and command line parameters. Configuration parameters The module accepts the following configuration parameters.

Little Tricks

You can also use the ejabberdctl command line administration script to start and stop ejabberd. It means database is converted as you use it. An example of hooks without accumulator are: Such a file could be created with the command openssl dhparam -out dh.

This module routes packets to local users. Also we want users to search each other. In this example three virtual hosts have some similar modules, but there are also other different modules for some specific virtual hosts:.

This is not recommended for big databases, as it will consume much time, memory and processor. Specify rules to restrict what usernames can be registered and unregistered. This modular architecture allows high customisability and easy access to the required features. This module allows end users to store and retrieve their vCard, and to retrieve other users vCards, as defined in mnual XEP If end users have support for it in their XMPP client, they will be able to:.


This option is set to by default. Eejabberd number defines position of the function in the list to maintain execution order. If you want to convert your Mnesia database all at once, you can look into the Erlang function: The value Entropy is a number of bits of entropy.

Care should be taken on choosing too large value for N because picking up a process from the pool has O N complexity.

If you want ejabberd to be started automatically at boot time, go to the Windows service settings and set ejabberd to be automatically started. To specify whether or not pubsub should cache last items.

This is now deprecated and actually not possible. This option defines the maximum number of rooms that any given user can join. Most of the hooks have local scope.