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DODD , National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve DODD and DOD R, Executive Summary, March NUMBER May 12, USD(AT&L). SUBJECT: The Defense Acquisition System. References: (a) DoD Directive , “The Defense Acquisition. follows in achieving those objectives are described in DoD Directive and DoD. Instruction The Defense Acquisition Guidebook is designed to.

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The third fhiase included a review of the Army’s basic policies for major system acquisition in AR and ARdodd Policies for Syste. Department of Defense, Department of De f ense Di rective Tlneso recemendations related to the organizational make-up, directives, instructions and other cjuidelines of the SECDEF pertaining to major weapons system acc]uisition within the OSD.

The current Army’s materiel concept initiation investigations are provided for under a process called: It is assumed that the reader of this report is familiar with major weapon sys rms acquisition policies contained in DOD series directives and Army Regulation AR”Basic Policies for Systaris Acquisition by 55000.1 Department of the Army,” dated 5 November Most access requests are approved.

Laird felt there existed an over 5 centralization in OSD management control of the weapon systein ac- tjuisition process.

This revision was accarpanied by a supplemental directive, DODD Without the latter, the program will be influenced by external pressures beyond the PM’s oontrol. Update of the 50001. Documents.

If the development of the IP plan was determined not to be applicable, summarize the details of the analysis forming the basis of this decision. These policies were focused on a concept of a single program manager who was chartered with suificient authority to accortplish the program objective.


DoD: , Defense Acquisition | SE Goldmine by PPI

These changes vsere grouped by similar subject matter and addressed in this 0500.1 by an overall generic title The purpose of the grouping was twofold: The requirements definition structure contained in DODD A In all major defense acquisition programs DoDD Due to the recent publication of the revised DODD Program managers should schedule updates to coincide with DAB reviews and the transition from one phase to another e. After identification and examination of these changes, the study methodology focused on a review of the background of DODD Indicate when the plan will be updated.

Since the Army does not have a forrml decision fxrint for program initiation, it appears that the decision for entry into concept 18 1 r formulation activities will be structured similar to the MIMS prooessing within the OSD staff and approval by SECDEF.

With respect to the S. For potential systems applicatioiT, this normally indicated the program initiation and the beginning of the concept formulation phase of the acquisition cycle. Within the gestation process, operational iirpacts are derived frcm statements of capability goals vhich define a specific mission or operational capability needed by the Army to counter a vulnerability in sane mission area Dovd a class justification for other than full and open competition has been approved, planning for competition shall be accomplished consistent with the terms of that approval.

DoD Directives thru

Ilie IDA is formulated after the materiel and combeit 21 developer agree that a system dodx has sufficient operational and tech- nical potential to warrant the cantutment of resources to obtain more in- fornetion. It will make the Army’s civilian leadership an active participant in the acquisition decision- making process.


If you are a client of PPI or subsidiary company CTI and wish to obtain a username and password, please use the email contact form. Even though the program manager is being held accountable for the results of his program, there appears to be an erosion of his authority by the OSD and service staffs.

DoD Directives

Whether or not line officials document their decisions that inpact a program remains to bo seen. Additionally, the establishment of program performance characteristics for a weapon system should be pro- hibited until such time as the candidate system is approved for full-scale developiTient.

For the conceptual phase, attainable performance characteristics are vague, and uncertainty is reflected in the cost estimates and schedule. SATC, the revised directive places the service acquisition decision-making pro- cess under civilian control. You are authorised to print the contents provided that this copyright notice is included. The Operational Capability CSDjectives OCO document provides guidance for technological advancement and justification for basic 55000.1, exploratory development and non- system advanced development The general thrust of these policies are to: The “front-end” activity of the requirements generation process should be structurex!