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described as [Dobosiewicz Z., , pp. 44 – 45]: Owsiak S., Podstawy nauki finansów, PWE, Warszawa 8. Proniewski M. Own work based on: Z. Dobosiewicz, K. Marton-Gadoś: Podstawy bankowości. PWN, Warszawa , s oraz W. L. Jaworski, Z. Zawadzka: Bankowość. Dobosiewicz Z., Bankowość, Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne, Warszawa Dobosiewicz Z., Podstawy bankowości, PWN, Warszawa see all.

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Own work based on: A bank operating on a financial market has competition. High contrast On Off. With this calculation method customers pay flat rate for the account service which means that even if a customer bankosoci a given period does not use any other service he will bear the costs of maintaining the account.

The price dobosiewcz products offered by the bank is not only the interest rate of deposits, credit or payment for other bank activities or services. The budget deficit and public debt 6. Elementary aspects of corporate finance 8. You are not logged in log in.

bankosoci Assign Wrong email address. They offer higher interest rate than it is on the market or they decrease the payments for performing deposit transactions incurred by the customers.

It explains today’s legal regulations, covering the way they have evolved and doobosiewicz current changes. This method is applied when interest rates are not stable. Finanse, praca zbiorowa pod red. The concept of the role and importance of the state budget b. This book answers these questions in the light of the increased economic activity in the countries of Eastern Europe.

dobosiewicz kredyty i zabezpieczenia pdf

Therefore to attract customers entrusting their money to it, the bank has to offer suitable depositing conditions. The article shows that the lead financial institution is exposed to high risk, so it is important to continuously monitor its dobosiweicz. The third involves not charging any payment for maintaining an account by the bank which is connected with decreasing the interest rate of deposits so-called free valuation.


Change font size You can adjust the font size by pressing a combination of keys: Types of bank deposits Own work based on: Why should foreign concerns want to invest in countries like Poland and Hungary? PWE, Warszawa 4. You can change the cookie settings in podstaqy browser. The portal can access those files and use them to remember the user’s data, such as their chosen settings screen view, interface language, etc.

The budget revenue d. Deposit structure of the financial and non-financial sector. What are the pitfalls to be avoided?

The Infona portal uses cookies, i. Deposits, which are the basic financial source for banks, play a special part in their activity. Moreover such forms as the grace period, discounts, additional free services and different kinds of payments usually both charged and given a discount on should be included here. The basic determinants shaping the bank pricing policy have been presented in Fig. Polski English Login or register account. Therefore it is important for the bank to act in bankoowoci a way that customer service would never exceed the profits coming from the resources [10] used by it.

How can East European countries attract investment?

This study looks at the variety of problems that face investors, such as converting earnings into hard currencies, the controls imposed by state bureaucracies which are still powerful, and the constantly changing regulations.

System finansowy i jego struktura 4. The Polish National Bank – a bank of banks, the role and tasks b. CH Beck, Bwnkowocis.


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By closing this window the user confirms that they have read the information on cookie usage, and they accept the privacy policy and the way cookies are used by the portal. Planning the bank income is determined by the price policy and applied calculation methods with reference to particular products. Presented legal and consensual ways in which the bank can recover the borrowed money. Students also should be able to explain the importance of individual elements of finance, ie.

Rola armii w Afryce by Zbigniew Dobosiewicz Book 4 editions published in in Polish and held by 8 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. At the same time the offered interest rate cannot significantly differ from the interest rates in other banks. Functions of Finance 4. Moreover it should be emphasised that any changes in the scope of deposit valuation influence mostly current customers and then might influence gaining new customers.

The concept, scope and nature vobosiewicz finance – individual components 5. Elementary aspects of corporate finance. The procedure and the principle of budget c.

Kryzys naftowy – Zbigniew Dobosiewicz • BookLikes (ISBN)

Ostaszewskiego, Difin, Warszawa 3. Therefore the pricing policy involves: Submitting the report failed. CH Beck, Warszawa Gaining new customers by the bank involves the necessity of offering them a higher interest rate which means not only additional costs but also the increase of the deposit interest rate of current customers.

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