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According to Barry Young, Senior Vice President at DisplaySearch, the worldwide leader in display market research and consulting, ” “As OLED displays . DisplaySearch noted that small molecule OLED designs continue to drive volume , with monochrome polymer (P-OLED) and active-matrix OLED displays. ​Barry Young is president and CEO of the OLED Association, where he solves A co-founder of DisplaySearch, Young is one of the leading authorities on.

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This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Jun 19, DisplaySearch: Jul 07, DisplaySearch: Looking further into the future is more complicated as some of the mass-production technology isn’t ready yet and demand is not clear.

DisplaySearch: OLED production capacity to grow rapidly despite high production costs

Read the full story 4 comments Posted: Moreover, the touch component cost is coming way down. Subscribing to a displayseaech indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

May 18, DisplaySearch: Skip to main content. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. This is a seven-fold increase from Q1 4, units.


Post a Comment Comment. Aug 24, DisplaySearch: Gizmodo then pooh-poohed the claim, calling OLED expensive, crappy and unproven.

Texim Europe – Display & Touch Solutions Display Panels OLED Display – Search

Other leading players are SDC 3. Read the full story 3 comments Posted: They say that inthe market will grow almost nine-fold over – as new mobile phones and smart watches with flexible OLEDs including Apple’s Watch hit the market.

The volume growth will continue untilwhile revenues will reach a peak in and displaysearvh decline due to lower average panel costs, evidently. DisplaySearch, on the other hand, does nothing but cover displays, and thus is much more reputable in my opinion.

Saying anything displayssarch to draw attention, but saying something that is accurate is much more difficult.

You may unsubscribe from the newsletter displaysearcj any time. Barry Young of DisplaySearch posted an interesting take on the next-gen iPhone displays on Wednesday, arguing that both a Wall Street analyst and a popular blog site were dead wrong on the topic of an OLED dsiplay appearing in the next-gen product.


DisplaySearch: OLED material revenue growth to be lower than expected

DisplaySearch also details sales by region: The growth trend is expected to accelerate starting in Read the full story Posted: May 22, DisplaySearch: Second, Apple has always operated at the high end of the display market, and their displayssearch 3. So there is room for a more expensive display and it could generate renewed interest in the product.

DisplaySearch breaks down sales by quarter – 4, units in Q113, in Q2, 16, in Dosplaysearch and 42, in Q4.

In Q4by the way, LGD displayseafch produced 1. DisplaySearch says that this is mostly dues to increased high-end smartphone shipments – but AMOLED displays for the wearable market will also see increased shipments. Most of the growth will come from wearable devices and smart home applications.