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Home · Documents; WH40K RPG Deathwatch Rites of Battle If you are looking for deathwatch rpg rites of battle, our library is free for you. Deathwatch RPG: Rites of Battle [Fantasy Flight Games] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. The Space Marines of the Deathwatch safeguard . Deathwatch: Rites of Battle Sourcebook (Warhammer 40, 40K 30K RPG Roleplay) [Games Workshop] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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After many years of exemplary service within your own chapter, you have been singled out and selected to join one of the most unique and specialized collectives of Space Marines – the Deathwatch. Using the Omega Vault in campaigns Beyond Erioch: For centuries, the Deathwatch have maintained their silent vigil over the ancient ruins of the Reach, but now you find yourselves on the front lines of a grand Imperial Crusade that has been launched to reclaim this vast region of space from darkness and heresy.

Library – Deathwatch | 40k RPG Tools

During a Deathwatch mission, you will earn renown, advance in experience and prestige, and garner special wargear only entrusted to the the most honoured and trustworthy battle-brothers.


Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought. Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunship. A Warhammer 40, Movie.

Chaos Hell Blade Fighter. The Spectre of Vanity Canis Salient: You are at the fore of Mankind’s war for survival against an extremely hostile universe. Production Manager Gabe Laulunen.

The fate of billions rests in your hands! You shall know no fear. Since you have each been recruited from a separate Space Marine Chapter, you will be met with wildly differing traditions, beliefs, experiences and backgrounds.

Fantasy Flight Games Physical. Name Type Affiliation Page No. As a Deathwatch Space Marine you have been selected as an exceptional candidate from amongst the warriors of your primary chapter, to bring your unique talents and abilities to deathwagch fight at the furthest fringes of Imperial space.

Mahir Leaper Tyranid Organism: You are the Deathwatch.

You will now be called into service to hunt down and destroy hostile xenos forces, to seek out and crush the root of heresy and sedition, and to continually fight against the foul daemon menace that crawls forth hungrily from beyond the Warp.


Graphic Design Kevin Childress.

WH40K RPG Deathwatch Rites of Battle

Stealth Operations Orpheus Salient: Welcome to the front lines, Battle-Brother! A History of the Jericho Reach. Eldar Renegade Subject Description Rites of Battle, a supplement for Deathwatch, provides a host of additional options for players and GMs alike.

Vehicle rules add a new dimension to gameplay and expand possibilities for adventure. Stand together with your Battle-brothers to safeguard the Imperium of Man against drathwatch alien threat.

Remora Stealth Drone Fighter. Land Raider Terminus Ultra. Unknown Xenos Type Silicate entity: Cover Art Michael Phillippi. Deathwatch is a roleplaying game in which you take on the role of a member of the Adeptus Astartes – the devout, bio-engineered super-soldiers also known as Space Marines.

Chaos Harbinger Heavy Bomber. A valuable handbook for Space Marines of the Deathwatch, Rites of Battle contains everything needed to prepare a Deathwatch Kill-team for any mission.