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Coupland returns, knowingly, to mine the dot-com territory of Microserfs ()— this time for slapstick. Young Ethan Jarlewski works long hours. Douglas Coupland returns to form with his updating of Microserfs for the Google generation, JPod, says John Elek. Patrick Ness asks if Douglas Coupland is running on empty in his novel, JPod.

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Books by Douglas Coupland.

JPod – Douglas Coupland – Google Books

Set inthe book explores the strange and unconventional everyday life of the main character, Ethan Jarlewski, and his team of video game programmers whose last names all begin with the letter ‘J’. JPod was recommended to me by several friends. The quirkiness of the jPod cast.

To ask other readers questions about JPodplease sign up. I could see the carbon dioxide pumping in and out of everyone’s nose and mouth – it was purple.

Ethan’s realtor brother Greg involves himself with Asian crime lord Kam Fong who serves as the plot’s crux of character connection. Like Bret Easton Ellis except not as funny, Chuck Palahniuk but not as visceral and, of course, let us not forget, an ending that only Christopher Pike could coup,and ghost written.

I wanted to like this book, but as with most of Coupland’s work these days, it just seemed needlessly convoluted and gimmicky, and was populated with a host of thoroughly unlikable characters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Full of word games, visual jokes and sideways jabs, this book throws a sharp, pointed lawn dart into the heart of contemporary life. jood

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Coupland has an uncanny ability to take items from the zeitgeist and place them into a narrative that is fun to read. The plot was trivial.

So what if the main character’s Mom is growing and selling weed, Dad is dating his son’s classmates, and his boss is being manipulated by a billionaire Asian criminal? For other uses, see JPod disambiguation. No one loves Shampoo Planet. Oct 30, Michael Livingston rated it it was ok.

Here’s what I’ve noticed. He lives and works in Vancouver. Apart from that unfortunate opening line, Coupland reappears in the novel as a liar, conman and couplandd taking out his aggressions on the hapless Ethan.

JPod · Douglas Coupland

Este tipo de escritores obviamente no pueden gustarle a todo el mundo. I feel I should preface this review by saying, Coupland is my favourite author. After Girlfriend in a Coma, I wrote elsewhere: Which it basically is.

By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. You might like it a lot more than I did. Stay tuned for my thoughts Follow me on the blog! And I know people just like them in real life. He is the author of Eleanor RigbyHey Nostradamus!

As the book progresses, you can’t help but shake your head at Coupland’s boldness and unashamedne It’s been a while since I’ve read this book, so we’ll see how well this goes.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. I’ve met Ethan before. Not sure he couplanv either way with me. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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Both authors wrote allegedly generation defining novels, both love to use brand names as symbolism and both have self-insertion complex. May 02, Nicola rated it liked it Shelves: While I have a collection called ‘Have Read’. I feel like a refugee from a Douglas Coupland novel.

Coupland seems to have a very loyal and dedicated following, especially from people of particular generations. I would happily only ever read Coupland-esque books, if enough existed.

Like, by a really long way.

When Ronald McDonald did dirty deeds

His stay-at-home mother runs a successful marijuana grow-op which allows his father to abandon his career and work as a futile movie extra. Like Watson is to Sherlock Holmes. I don’t even know the guy, and haven’t read any of his other books, but you can just tell that this couplnd the book that he decided to have fun with.