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Este documento é uma evolução do II Consenso Brasileiro de Dislipidemias, .. o clínico precisa, antes de tudo, identificar a possível causa da dislipidemia. Consenso brasileiro para a abordagem clínica e tratamento do .. e que o hipotireoidismo manifesto pode cursar com dislipidemia por diferentes mecanismos. Estabelecer consenso sobre o manejo da dislipidemia secundária à obesidade infanto-juvenil. Métodos . Consenso Brasileiro para a Normatizaçã o da.

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Spontaneous normalization of thyrotropin concentrations in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism.

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Nat Med 1: Coronary Drug Project Research Group. Fibrinogen, viscosity, and white blood cell count are major risk factors for ischemic heart disease. Probucol Probucol pode prolongar o intervalo QT.


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Brazilian Consensus on second-generation antipsychotics and metabolic disorders

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Drug interactions with lipid altering drugs.

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Thyrotropin cpnsenso and risk of fatal coronary heart disease: Lipids, apolipoproteins, and their ratios in relation to cardiovascular events with statin treatment. Prevalence of thyroid disorders among older people: The impact of pre-analytical variables on the quality of laboratory results.

Noncommunicable chronic diseases in Brazil: Efficacy and tolerability should be carefully balanced in all phases of treatment.