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Collin Moshman’s SNG Strategy was set out in his acclaimed book ‘Sit ‘N Go Strategy – Expert Advice For Winning One Table Poker Tournaments’. Sit ‘N Go Strategy has ratings and 11 reviews. Michael said: Warning: This review is full of pokerspeak. I’m 3/4 of the way through, and I’m not goin. Noticed the Collin Moshman sit and go strategy book in the pokerstars VIP store. researched it to find it was published like 10 years ago so I.

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I’ve got the book and I skim through the bubble play every now and again. I read this book 2 times, advise everyone, indispensable book who plays micro buy-ins sng or mttsng I’d just look for content online. Players can take advantage by raising those solid hands which would have been folded in the earlier portion eng the game. That’s a great idea! If we had enough members we could discuss the gameplay and if ,oshman to share have more access to the hands stratehy question through our shared hand histories.

But you should identify and seize profitable opportunities to open non-premium hands. Sit-and-go tournaments are to this day one of the most popular formats of tournament poker. September 19th, 2: Reviewed for Card Player.

In any event, I wish you the best! Alright, I’m going strateyy get things started with a short note on the Introduction. SNGs are tournaments that unlike multi-table tournaments colli not have a specific start time. Yea if you are a beginner it can probably get you winning in the low stakes SNG games. If you are already at the stage where you are able to adjust your early game strategy to exploit the tendencies of multi-tabling opponents, then you will CRUSH the easy SNGs at Party Poker The argument for betting is that if the small blind has a lone diamond, you want to charge him now.


October 21st,1: Mario Junior rated it really liked it May 28, However, when you spot weaknesses in your opponents then adapting to exploit these should be worked into your game. October 19th,2: Please log in to like this post.

For example if your opponent bluffs too much then let them drive the action when you have a monster hand. With a brand that continues to attract recreational players, you will be surprised how consistently you can make money there. The good news is that similar situations arise all of the time in SNGs, so it is worth committing some of the more common scenarios to memory.

Books by Collin Moshman. Originally Posted by Fahrenheit Another reason for mowhman liking SNGs is how they make it easy to plan how long a session will last, as well as to manage how much they could win or lose during that session.

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I first read this book when I was just starting to play poker and still use the same core principles it teaches to this day. It’s very good from a fundamental standpoint.

Looking For Study Group. Melissa rated it liked it May 27, I’ve read it once 2 years ago, then I read it again about a month later. I read it like maybe 2 years ago and I found it useful. SNG Bubble concepts involving equity are simple to understand in terms of one player not wanting to bust out while there is a micro-stack at the table.


I’d like to join this “book club”. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I couldn’t find my copy so I’ve ordered another off amazon and am awaiting it’s arrival. What my note says is “How long are the blind for each level? I didn’t think about it that way, and you’re all right, it would be self defeating setting the strategy against itself. While Poker ICM is covered this section of the book is largely concerned with aggressive and positive play.

Thousands of such games are played at online poker sites every day all around the world thanks in part to how often they run and koshman fact it is possible to adopt an optimal sit-and-go strategy. John rated it liked it Jul 21, Originally Posted by Colbefc I’d be in this, though i havent read the books yet.

It’s updated frequently with the most common questions, and can colkin often than not get you a quick answer.

Collin Moshman’s Sit N Go Strategy

Paperbackpages. Professional poker player and PokerStars sponsored pro Live Boeree appears in a video released last week about artificial intelligence and poker. Your book isn’t that old but still.