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Does it still resonate? That is the obvious question to ask about Patrick Marber’s play, which in seemed to reflect the sexual mores of the. From the archive: In this article, the Closer playwright talks about his days as a standup and how theatre is just ‘a stab in the dark’. Closer plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips. Patrick Marber. Based on the Play/Book/Film. Category. Play.

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Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Is that how singles are these days? There are moments of cognitowhere Alice realises that she does not love Dan any ptarick and Dan realises he loves Alice—and the final moment of revelation occurs when Alice’s true identity is unveiled. A month or two later I called Harold to discuss some bit of production business. View all 5 comments. This is an awesome piece of drama.

Harold wore a black shirt and drank white wine. On his birthday, she summons him to the museum and sets up Anna to meet him there. I know I can come across as rude. I can imagine the stage play would be quite something. It is set in the ‘s patdick if the play had been written this very day in it would be exactly the same play. Closer acting edition cover. Loading comments… Trouble loading? The truth is, the message that “love is superficial” is a painful message. In fact, we drank a fair amount of white wine together.


I wanted to read this because I had seen the memorial in Postman’s Park in London that features in the play. Read More dancers Performer.

Closer, more than anything, is about neurotic connections and how people in search of peace never enjoy any kind of serenity as long as they are searching. She is Alice Ayres, a self-described waif who has a scar along her leg shaped like a question mark. I told him he’d given me a book some twenty years ago and that it had been more than useful.

Closer review – Patrick Marber’s play is as powerful and pertinent as ever

Marber’s got a way with words and his snarky British-isms, especially those spoken by Larry, are oh so entertaining and I can do nothing except payrick Clive Owen rolling them off his tongue in his way that makes us melt even though he played ‘Dan’ in ;lay original London production – strange! Larry signs divorce papers on condition Anna has sex one last time but as a result they get back together. Hey, it’s clear that Marber really hates love. Very much a play of its time especially the rise of the In-Yer-Face theatrical movement of the 90s but still fresh and interesting today.

Unlike Lolitathough, there’s no flesh on these bones. I hope one day to be big deal. Marbsr Marberlike your mother, generally does know better. When he was doing standup, was he thinking: There’s little depth and too much pretension.

I really am surprised at how well regarded that play is. If I had had time, I would have been involved.

Closer (play) – Wikipedia

No trivia or quizzes yet. No, he hammers the point home with such tell-don’t-show voracity pllay, yes, it was convincing. The best indication I can give of my approval is that I would love to attend a performance of this work. It sounds like the basis for French farce, but the approach is very chilly, very English. Why would I ever part with it? In a poignant moment, he asks, “Tell me something true, Alice.


Just a warning, there is an immense amount of vulgarity and sex talk, but once you get past it’s roughness you see that it really was essential in shaping this show to the wonderful thing t This play was surprisingly amazing. Considering the sparse appearance of the dialogue, i Marber writes dialogue that is quirky and quoteworthy, but the criticism of this play is that it is plau clinical and empty of emotion. Closer does not merely hold your attention; it burrows into you.

References to this book Life After Death: The actors taking part have at times found it to be even a cathartic experience. They have an argument over Alice’s presentiment that Dan will leave her.

The characters are witty, the situations they get themselves into are mind-bending in an interesting way, and the dialogue is well-written, staccato and blunt in a way that must have felt challenging and ‘edgy’ in the s.