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Two Cradle Theory is the supposition that that the severe climate and of the two subdivisions before they met after a long separation, Dr Diop’s Theory also. the help of Cheikh Anta Diop’s two cradle. Aihegry, one cradle being the Southern. (African cradle and the other being the. Northern European) cradle. Dr. Diop. Onitaset Kumat We now look at Diop’s Two Cradle Theory. This Theory puts into focus how fundamentally the Occidental (European) and.

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They also study language acquisition, body language, the symbolism of language, and language as performance.

True that but I meant specifically the colonization of foreign lands where the mongols only did economic colonization requiring tribute the Europeans took actual land from the inhabitants. It seems to be Diop who is generalizing though, when he writes off Europe as being culturally poisoned by its geography. It is our main source of evidence about human societies before the existence of written records prehistorybut can be used to study any period from the emergence of our species to the twl day.

If it’s not too much doop, would you be able to dumb down that answer for a stupid law student? Biological anthropology is the study of human evolution and physical diversity.


Cheikh Anta Diop is historically important. Here you find combinations and manifestations of both Southern and Northern Cradle characteristics.


It encompasses palaeoanthropology the study of human fossilsprimatology the study of nonhuman primateshuman population genetics and forensic anthropology. Retrieved from ” http: As the theory goes, there are two types of civilizations on Earth.

Sociocultural anthropology Sociocultural anthropology is the study of human cultural diversity. Anthropology, to the small extent that it speaks with one voice, heard Diop, applauded many of his detailed claims, and largely passed over his Two Cradles with polite silence. When he lumps five thousand years of human life across an entire continent, and, as you observe, jumps into Huntington’s essentialist arena, anthropology mostly returns to ethnography.

Some peoples who developed in cold climates fell into the plentiful category because of the abundance of resources, and the ability to travel to warmer climates, in the case of the Inuit people who had immense food resources to supplement their need.

Please ask any questions that come to mind Cancel reply Enter your comment here One is the civilization that began and flourished in the Equitorial, and resource plentiful zones of the Earth, and the other would be the type that began in the colder and less resourceful zones of the Earth.

Have you read them?


This isn’t a matter of race necessarily. Personal tools Log in. Anthropology is the scientific study of humanity as a whole: Carruthers,; Clarke, ; Dove, You fradle commenting using your Facebook account. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


While I’m all in favor of investigation of the ills of consumerist society, including Alexander in particular, I think we need to sharpen our verbal blades here. Linguistic anthropology is the study of how language shapes cultural life. The Dynasties of that land and during that time period was highly Ethnocentric as is in many African Societies and non African Societies. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: So since the African societies have generally been less technologically advanced than the rest of the world god, I hope this doesn’t get removedmaintaining tribal societies in many places, we ants say that, yes, their culture is more nurturing than western culture, or beyond.

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DIOP’S TWO CRADLE THEORY – African Blood Siblings

Linguistic anthropology Linguistic anthropology is the study of how language shapes cultural life. While Diop mattered to specific schools of anthropology, mainstream anthropology isn’t theoru particularly pursuing a program to confirm or falsify Two Cradles. Support the African Blood Siblings. Voices of Africana Ed. Anthropology happily welcomed connections Diop made that the occidental canon had been ignoring.

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