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ColdFusion added this new attribute called filename to override the filename specified in the file attribute. A sample example is below cfmail. cfmail attachment from output – Coldfusion – Advanced Techniques. We are trying to have an email sent to one of our vendors that contains an order form. cfmail attachment – Coldfusion – Advanced Techniques. Can someone help Please. Not till I read a message in this board did I found out that the < cfmailparam.

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Home Services Forums Advertise Contact. Then you would just want to delete the file once you are finished. Can be one of the following: Can someone help Please.

So, I have an unlimited number of attachments they can attach. Not used with the file attribute.

Using the cfmailparam tag

The problem is that the vendor can not accept HTML body messages. Thank you also for your patience with me and assisting me in working this out.

I consulted with my ISP for the correct path to the file and the cmfail worked great! This is pretty much what I ended up doing but rather than writing the file to disk and deleting it I used the content attribute in CF8 to deal with most of this by just reading in the file to a binary variable and then letter cfmailparam write it out.


The file attribute specifies the file name to include in the mail header, not a file on the ColdFusion system From: More info at https: If you specify the filename attribute with the name of the attachment, the new name is set as the attachment replacing the name of the attachment in the file location. Core Xii attafhment, 4 23 The requested template has been denied access to filename.

[LDEV] does not encode attachment file names – Lucee

The ColdFusion service user default localSystem must have permission to do anything with the file system or other resource. That, in fact, is the gist of our next service agreement.

What we need is im guessing a multi-part solution. Can be a valid MIME media type or one of the following:. Can be a valid MIME media type or one of the following: Decode the name of the file that will be attached to a mail body.

cfmail attachment from output – Coldfusion – Advanced Techniques

Email Required, but never shown. Login to Your Account. You want to produce word docs on the fly, using Coldfusion. Is there attachmwnt I’m missing? I should note, I was really looking for a solution that didn’t involve xfmail the file in and possibly writing it outas I expect this can be quite a drain on coldfusion for large files, so some way of renaming the attachment would still be preferred.


Lets you send the contents of a ColdFusion variable as an attachment.

This view-only example displays an image in the body of an HTML message. To do so, specify the variable in signs as the content attribute value, as in the following example: Greetings and thanks – I think maybe I should clarify what I’m doing.

To manage these attachments we call them 1.

does not encode attachment file names

This should be marked as the correct answer. That seems very messy. Attachmrnt clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. If the attachment was a local file on the server I would expect it to under the default permissions of the default localSystem user.

First the user fills out the order form and submits. You can try adding: Is there a way to do this?