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Cattleyas are frequently called “the Queen of the Orchids,” and Carl Withner’s passion for them started before World War II. About 12 years ago he published the. The Cattleyas and Their Relatives. Landmark series on the genera of the Cattleya alliance, which provide details on appearance, growth habit, incidence, and. Buy The Cattleyas and Their Relatives, Vol. 1: The Cattleyas 1st by Carl L. Withner (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and.

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Its inch 6-cmcattldyas, waxy, pink, fragrant flowers are spotted with maroon and serve as a backdrop for a stunning white lip and column edged in purple. Exceptional customer service Get specialist help and advice. Media reviews “A pleasing, clear, instructive and to all appearances accurate book which is a bargain at the price Many of them are also fragrant.

A compact grower that reaches about 12 inches 30 cm tall, its 3 2-inch 9-cm citrus-scented flowers are a yellow-green with red flares. Up to five 4 2- to 5-inch to cm richly purple flowers veined in yellow adorn this floral-scented, spring-blooming plant.

The flower spike can reach up to 3 feet 1 meterso be sure to give it plenty of headroom when it sends up its flower spikes. Minicatts There is a revolution going on now in cattleya breeding! Encyctias This group contains some of the easiest of all orchids to grow and hteir.

The Quintessential Orchids: Cattleyas and Their Relatives

The plant grows to about 20 to 36 inches 50 to 85 cm tall. This orchid shows off a delightful display of tropical color with the 6-inch cm apricot-pink flowers with a golden-orange fringed lip and purple streak down the center of the lip. One of the most awarded of the greens, this orchid offers large lime-green flowers, a strong fragrance, and a ruffled lip. A large, handsome, clear gold-yellow. Until the skyrocketing popularity of the phalaenopsis took off several years ago, the cattleyas were the undisputed kings of orchids.


Slipper Orchids Previous post: Its flower is white with a fringed lip and green-yellow points. Cattleyas relativs best in moderate humidity and medium to bright light, with good air circulation, and in intermediate temperatures. Loaded with 5-inch About Help Blog Jobs Welcome to our new website. A few of the species are known from a single herbarium specimen and may well now be extinct because of the continuing loss of habitat.

Its fresh, floral-scented, 2-inch 5-cmpale yellow flowers with a darker lip are borne in sprays of two to five in the spring. A classic 6-inch cm lavender with gold veins in the throat. Back then, these were usually fragrant flowers in various shades of lavender. The blue shades in cattleyas are newer.

It continues to be used extensively as a parent to produce new miniature hybrids.

Epidendrum This group is filled with very brightly colored members and some have a very strong resemblance to encyclias. Today, all the best forms are readily available and none have been collected from the wild.

The Quintessential Orchids: Cattleyas and Their Relatives

It has a miniature stature, making it ideal for growing under lights or on a windowsill. Combines a striking color combination, 3-inch 5-cm bright-green flower with a white flared lip, dusted with purple speckles, with a sweet spicy evening perfume inherited from one of its parents, Brassavola nodosa.

A compact grower that only reaches a height of 8 inches 20 cmthis species is frequently grown mounted on a slab of tree fern or cork. Frequently blooms twice a year.

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It only grows to 6 to 8 inches 15 to 20 cm tall and is still popular today. A bright yellow with a contrasting red lip. In this close-up of the lip, you can get an idea of the play of color and patterns.

The Cattleyas and Their Relatives

Cattleya maxima see Figure Withner’s] unparalleled experience provides a wealth of information about species old, new, ‘lost’, ‘rediscovered’, and rare. Cattleya harrisoniana see Figure And for windowsill and under-light growers, where every square inch counts, this creates a problem. Here are two old classics that are still popular: Cattleya luteola is a rellatives with a fresh floral scent that is strongest in the morning.

It cattleyaz a sweet scent when it flowers in the summer.

It needs to be grown on the cooler and drier side during the winter months to bloom best in the spring to summer. Following is a sampling of some of the easier and more beautiful laelias that are worthy of space in your orchid collection: Potinara Haw Yuan Gold: In this case, the coloring was purple flares on white petals and the lip.

However, relatjves you prefer the simple, classic flower that the species offers, here are some to try that are usually readily available: This is where minicatts short for miniature cattleyas come in. Laelias usually have somewhat of a smaller lip than cattleyas.

Some selected taetia species Laelias look very much like cattleyas. The Best Choice for Beginners. This is the orchid that really started it all.