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Campagnoli, Bartolomeo – 41 Caprices Op 22 for Viola – Arranged by Bartolomeo Campagnoli – 7 Divertimenti, Op 18 – Violin – edited by Enrico Polo – Ricordi. Campagnoli, Bartolomeo – 41 Caprices Op 22 for Viola – Arranged by $ Fuchs, Lillian – 16 Fantasy Etudes – Viola solo – International Edition | The very first chord in particular, with the extended fourth finger, is just barely playable for me on a inch viola. However, after clearing the hurdles, I’ve.

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I found it most helpful to emphasize the bottom note of each chord, to keep the line going and also to keep my bow and left hand on the from getting distracted by other technical complications. He lived for a few years in Florencewhere he studied with the violinist Pietro Nardini ; this period was influential to his career. I observed many posts ago that many of these caprices ….

Now my modern flute spends most of its time tucked away in a drawer, while my violin, viola, and my viola d’amore are often tucked under my chin. I think you solved it. So, in order to play this successfully, your viila arm will have to swivel slightly, back and forth to guide the LH adjustment.

Bartolomeo Campagnoli

The left hand should feel as pliable as possible, as often shifts happen fluidly: The key of E Major sounds mellow, rich, and joyful. Then there’s his 5th Caprice: One look at Kreutzer 11 and this variation of Campagnoli 25 makes the relationship between these two composers abundantly clear.

In he went to Rome and played in the orchestra of the Teatro Argentina. Number 12, marked Allegro assai, should fly off the fingers and at least give the impression of ease.


It lets the viola sing naturally, with simple phrases in the first half and florid passagework in the second.

I imagine that Kreutzer figured that Campagnoli’s technical paramaters for the viola i. He obtained a post at the court of the Duke campagholi Courland in Dresden in In vioka published Metodo per Violinoa treatise on violin playing; it can be regarded as demonstrating the style of a transitional period between the Baroque and Classical era. He returned home in and played in a local orchestra.

The latter passage was especially challenging for the stratified voicing. Therefore, most of this caprice stays in first position.

I devoted a lot vipla time to backwards practice here! There isn’t much known about Campagnoli, though I did read somewhere that he was one of Rodolphe Kreutzer’s teachers, and it is certainly possible that Campagnoli learned some of his craft from Tartini, either through personal contact or through his music.

His two daughters Albertina and Giannetta were singers, and in he toured Italy with them. Campagnoli seems to use the viola solo as a one-person show: At the beginning, each measure has a period at the end: Notice how they even break apart into a dialogue at m.

While retaining this post he undertook tours; he toured Sweden in where in Stockholm he was elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music ; in toured European cities, mainly in Germany and Austria.

Bartolomeo Campagnoli – Wikipedia

He resigned from the Gewandhaus Orchestra to look after his daughters’ careers; the family eventually settled in in Neustrelitzwhere he died in Bartolomeo was born in Centowhere his father was a trader.


So my son just finished up the 5th Campagnoli caprice, and I could never figure out why it sounded so relatively Bach-like.

As with many of Campagnoli’s caprices, you cannot find even one dynamic marking: During Campagnoli’s time camlagnoli Leipzig, the violinist and composer Louis Spohrvisiting the city where he was to give a concert, heard Campagnoli play a violin concerto by Rodolphe Kreutzer.

The key of G major makes the most of the viola’s natural resonance, especially in a nice hall like the one in Viooa Church that I used for the recording session.

Wednesday, April 03, Campagnoli and Bach? However, after clearing the hurdles, I’ve decided it’s one of my favorite caprices.

They weren’t really known untilwhen Ferdinand David made his edition; and even then they were not well known until they were performed by the famous Joseph Joachim. He wrote in his diary, “His method, campahnoli is true, is of the old school; but his play is pure and finished.

The Campagnoli Project

A Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Posted by Elaine Fine at You can see how this works for me in the video. He studied the violin locally, firstly in Bolognaand then from in Modena with Paul Guastarobba, who had studied with the noted violinist Giuseppe Tartini.

He has done an amazing job with the audio and video: One of my listeners recently mentioned that this caprice reminded them of an aria from Verdi’s Don Carlos.