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Bryan Haycock, author and founder of the Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST) method and Hypertrophy-Specific Nutrition (HSN), began lifting weights in By Bryan Haycock, Editor-in-Chief. Discuss this article in the HST Forum. This is a workout that I designed after years of studying hypertrophy-specific research. Bryan Haycock’s interview with T-mag, informative, basic summary of HST. Part 1. Mr. Hypertrophy. An Interview with Bryan Haycock by Chris Shugart.

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Progressive Brjan Over time, the tissue adapts and becomes resistant to the damaging effects of mechanical loading. Clearly, the effects of eccentric activity on muscle tissue are one of the most studied areas in sports physiology. HST is based on principles of muscle growth that have been demonstrated in recent research.

That is allot for me because I have been trying to gain muscle mass since high jaycock in the 80’s and have never looked so good, and only one cycle! So how does a typical HST training plan look like?

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Strength went up during every 2 week cycle. During this off time, you can perform light cardio.

Email required Address never made public. Again, this may all seem complicated, but if you study the charts for a few minutes, it should all become clear to you. You will reach max poundages for a given rep range on the last workout of each two week block.

Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST) – MUSQLE

Hypertrophy-Specific Nutrition HSN is a dietary and sports supplement company dedicated to creating and bringing to market new and innovative nutritional products. In other words, most programs you see today aren’t really geared toward what most of us are after: So instead of doing 9 sets for chest in one workout you do 9 over the course of a week.


When all the sets are done at once the central nervous system CNS is put under hat stress leading to overtraining. So, true anabolism from loading proper training only lasts two days at best once the load haycocm removed. Principles of Hypertrophy Specific Training. Side-note — When training 12 times a week, you need to stay on top of the laundry situation because it really starts hacock build up.

If you sht, your workout will be effective. You simply reach your maximum voluntary strength eventually. Guys training naturally usually gain about five to eight pounds during their first HST cycle. These principles were discovered in a laboratory then arranged into a training method that produces predictable, repeatable hypertrophic effects. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Fuck that, I know.

The load must then be increased consistently and frequently for growth to continue. There’s a better exercise to build your back. This indicates anabolism from lifting lasts only 2 days.

Wait for 10 seconds and finish of the remaining 3 reps to get to a total of So never focus only on how tired you hayock to judge your training.

Mostly compound exercises squats, dead lift, bench press, military press and only 2 sets for each exercise. This particular chart is just a sample of a rep block of HST.

Slowly, after publishing the article in the ThinkMuscle newsletter, people began to apply HST to their own training, and the mail started flooding in. The basic theory of HST is based on the following premises: In summary, to apply the principles of hypertrophy just explained, you’re going to: Hypertrophy-specific training is designed by Bryan Haycock.


Incline hycock brisk walk should be first choice.

HST Training Program

Dietary Myth Busting Diet Strategy. Only about 10 percent of people are able to do it. In circuit fashion, I go through my whole workout in less than 40 minutes- this really keeps working out interesting. Although he and his clients had been using this training technique for a long time, it had never been made public. This is still a good combination with HST?

There is a difference. The muscle is sensitive not only to the absolute load, but also to the change in nst up or down. An example training biceps using Positions of Flexion exercise pairings. So all my reps are like say 1 second up and 3 seconds down, as in a fully controlled motion.

However, the high-rep workouts serve an important purpose. Try to get plenty of sleep as well as participate in leisure activities outside of the gym. Mechanical Load Mechanical load is necessary to induce muscle hypertrophy. Hypertrophy in last week’s edition of T-mag. This should come as no surprise.

So, the primary stimulus for muscle-fiber growth is the physical effects of loading the muscle lifting and lowering a weightnot the “effort” required to lift or lower it. And I always try to get to a total of 30 reps 2 sets of 15can be like 1 set of 15, and 1 failing set of 15 split in 12 reps and 3 reps with 10 second pause. So, aside from incremental changes in the number of contractile filaments hypertrophyvoluntary force production i.

Here’s where most so-called diet gurus go wrong.