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Structure and mechanism of a canonical poly ADP-ribose glycohydrolase. Implications for provenance studies. Abstracts and field guidebook.

The first record of Battarrea phalloides Agaricales with a worldwide taxonomic review of Battarrea species. Hindcasting the Adriatic Sea near-surface motions with a coupled wave-current model.

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Studies on Croatian Basidiomycota 3: Extensively and multi drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii recovered from technosol at a dump site in Croatia. A link between magmatic rocks and epithermal mineralization. Reaction kinetics and mechanical models of liposome adhesion at charged interface. Footprints of mesoscale eddy passages in the Strait of Otranto Adriatic Sea.

mlg Chaetozone carpenteri McIntosh, from the Mediterranean Sea and records of other bi-tentaculate Cirratulids. Enhanced viral activity and dark CO2 fixation rates under oxygen depletion: Vukosav, Petra; Mlakar, Marina. Long-term variability and trends of relative geostrophic currents in the middle Adriatic. Selection of target mussel tissue for application of cellular energy allocation as a physiological biomarker in native mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck, A simple analytical model of periodic coastal upwelling.


Effect of environmental pollutant mixtures on acid DNase activity in mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis: The nature of small-scale non-turbulent variability in a mesoscale model.

Source Mechanism of Long Period events recorded by a high density seismic network during the eruption on Mt Etna. Stratigraphy and petroleum geology of the Croatian part of the Adriatic Basin.

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Legac, Mirjana; Jaklin, Andrej. A study of species diversity, succession, and life-cycle phases. Diversity, occurrence, and habitats of the diatom genus Bacteriastrum Bacillariophyta in the northern Adriatic Sea, with the description of B. Satellite-based overshooting top detection methods and an analysis of correlated weather conditions.

Magnetic, geochemical and mineralogical properties of sediments from karstic and flysch rivers of Croatia and Slovenia. Inferences from the study of the Sarajevo-Zenica Basin.

Distribution of trace metals in anchialine caves of Adriatic Sea, Croatia. Nitrate Origin in the Zagreb Aquifer System. Carbohydrate polymers as constituents of exopolymer substances in seawater, their complexing properties towards copper ions, surface and catalytic activity determined by electrochemical methods.


Copper complexing properties of exudates and metabolites of macroalgae from the Aegean Sea. Vertical distribution of K, Th, and Cs mass activities in lake sediment Vransko Lake, Croatia and their relationship with the source material and sedimentation. Northern Adriatic case study.

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The first evidence bapogh Permian—Triassic shallow- marine transitional deposits in Northern Croatia: Doajen hrvatske geologije – akad. Cystoderma carpaticum Basidiomycota, Agaricalesa rare fungus newly recorded from Croatia. Radiological characterization of tap waters in Croatia and the age dependent dose assessment. Chemical and radiological characterization of fly and bottom ash landfill of the former sulfate pulp factory Plaski and its surroundings.

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Snow climate baseline conditions and trends in Croatia relevant to winter tourism. The chronostratigraphy of the latest Middle Pleistocene aeolian and alluvial activity on the Island of Hvar, eastern Adriatic, Croatia.

Key parameters controlling arsenic dynamics in coastal sediments: Dynamic and fate of trace metals.