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Well, it really starts in the original Arcanis books (the Codex Arcanis was the first book). The game started as a d20 Campaign Setting, and in. Henry Lopez is raising funds for Arcanis 5E RPG on Kickstarter! Arcanis the World of Shattered Empires is back and updated for 5th Edition. The Arcanis Roleplaying Game is a continuation of Paradigm Concepts, Inc’s previous Arcanis Campaign using the D&D OGL system.

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Ss’ressen are lizard-men and a major component of the Ssethregoran Empire. This mount will be tougher and faster than a regular. Living Arcanis was the name of the first Living Rrpg set in the Arcanis setting.

Arcanis – Wikipedia

One common element in nearly all RPG systems is the ability to craft. We reserve the right of final approval. Made of the traditional Greek arcanid It has a a very rich background and plenty of details for a full roleplaying type environment.

You can watch it here: In officially sanctioned modules, only the prescribed loot and rewards are allowed to be kept by prg characters at the end of the module. Ships to Only United States.

The Dwarves are divided into different groups, called Enclaves. To date I have probably played around a dozen official modules for Arcanis, plus a “Battle Interactive” read here: Highlights – widely varied builds of characters at creation.

Fireball36 gave XP for this post. Originally, they worshiped slaadi, but with the removal of these beings from the Open Gaming License content, Paradigm Concepts was forced to change this.


Paradigm Concepts is committed to supporting brick and mortar game retailers. Reward no longer available 8 backers. A character can only benefit from one such item.

When they began to lord over man, the king of the gods, Illiir cursed the giants, diminishing them into dwarves. Check out the FAQ. Retrieved from ” https: The primary risk is production is always those delays due to unforeseen life events in the production team family emergencies, illness, etc.

Elorii — Giant Elk is a large species of the common elk, selectively bred for size and their unique antlers, which arcajis their riders some additional protection from attacks.

Originally, they worshiped the gods Kassegore and Yig, but with the rise of the Naga to a ruling position, they now worship vile gods known as the Varn. The Mother Church of the Pantheon of Man once held all the gods in equal worship, until a schism occurred which drove followers of Neroth, Sarish and Nier to form an independent church, the Dark Triumvirate in Canceri.

For example, val’Ossan are tied to Yarris, god of the sea, and can gain Bloodline Powers such as walking on water and controlling sea creatures. Talked about the Kickstarter, the history of Arcanis, Living Campaigns and more! Excluding the dungeon crawl, the modules I have played focus more on actual “role playing” and a little less on combat than your average RPG gaming session from other systems, and personally I enjoy this balance quite a lot.

Arcanis: The Roleplaying Game

After the savage attack by the Dragon freed by the players of the Living Arcanis campaign, this creature attacked and devastated the ancient Tultipetan enclave, leaving behind the bodies of your countrymen buried beneath molten rock. The first Living Arcanis campaign ended in with a climactic battle that ended the Coryani Civil War.


The system promotes good roleplaying but provides enough rules crunch for players who want or need a lot of structure. This full color hardback will let you explore the wonders of the Blessed Lands, from the ancient Citadels of the Gods, across the Plains of Monuments, to the Voei infested Fervidus Hills. Also, Living Arcanis was played at smaller regional conventions throughout the world, many of which host special events, as well as by players at home. Now the game world has been reborn under its own Origins Award winning rules set Paradigm Concepts has published dozens of books over the past 15 years as well as a number of Kickstarters.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The Myrantian Pantheon seems primarily based on the Ancient Egyptian pantheon, though not entirely. Sunday, 23rd May, Arcanis the World of Shattered Empires is back and updated for 5th Edition, with new character options but the same Grim Dark attitude!

Share this project Done. The Kio and the Undir.

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There are, however, multiple typos throughout the book that can sometimes arcains confusing. The primary human lands are:. This Add On will grant you ownership of an exceptional quality mount. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? This cert MUST be applied to an elorii character.