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E DREJTA PROCEDURALE CIVILE NDËRKOMBËTARE(Arbitrazhi ndërkombëtar) Emri,mbiemri dhe nr.i. 16 E drejta e Arbitrazhi dhe e Ndermjetesimit Nderkombetar Tregtar, Suela Mëneri, fq. 17 Hassneh Insurance Co and others v. Steuart. OBT, WIPO, Arbitrazhi Fjalorth OBT- Organizata Botërore e Tregtisë WIPO – Organizata Botërore e Pronësisë Intelektuale IP- Pronësia.

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You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. In fact any mitigation measures due to the proposed dam would have been far more consequential on the local environment than simply raising the road. Bio No content specified.

Feedback from clients and colleagues on Willingness to Work Arbotrazhi. It provides for a procedure before an arbitral tribunal as well as a conciliation mechanism. Aceris Law LLC is a leading international arbitration boutique law firm that provides legal representation for commercial, construction and investment arbitrations globally.

The Client will give to the Sub-consultant in the preparative phase all the information necessary for the size, the format and the font of the letters to be used. Backfilling of pits and trenches shall be carried out as soon a practicable nderko,betar material replaced at similar depth as encountered.

Bachelor in Electronic Engineering. Politika fiskale dhe monetare. Sociologji edukimi 6 3.

All volumes shall have page numbers and a table of contents. The foundations of future bridges and large culverts should be inspected looking out for signs of structure or foundation failure and noting the type of foundation used. The Sub-consultant shall also arbtirazhi interpretative geological profiles on the bridge axes based upon the borehole and trial pit logs. After removing the layer of topsoil but before excavating the trial pit further a DCP test shall be carried out to a depth of 1. The proposed lake level of m will therefore lead to flooding of these valleys.


The contract title, exploratory hole reference number and the depth of nderiombetar contained in each bore shall be clearly indicated in indelible ink on top and on the right hand end of the box.

The width of the survey shall not be smaller than m i.

Psikologjia sociale e mjediseve shkollore. Because this person is not a ProZ. From trial pits, at least one disturbed sample shall be taken from each discrete layer. It shall identify all potential problems and propose solutions for the design of the following elements. DCP tests shall also be carried out on the subgrade through the coreholes made in the existing road. The backfilling shall be compacted in such a manner using a excavating plant in order to minimise any subsequent depression at the ground surface.

In cases where soft ground conditions exist at 3.

Cooperation Agreement on Teching Practices

Contract Programme Appendix 2: The core-drilling diagrams logs nderkombegar be plotted at 1: Variants for the Preliminary design are shown on Appendix 2 The investigation shall provide all the geological and geotechnical information required to enable an economical and safe design of the project.

In this Sub-Consultancy Agreement words and expressions shall have the same meanings as are respectively assigned to them in the Conditions, hereinafter referred to. Data security Created by Evelio Clavel-Rosales. This convention was mainly drafted for arbitration between parties from European States. If specimens with these dimensions cannot be obtained, a Point Load Test should be applied as an alternative.


Kåt Mogen Kvinna Anal Kvinnor Örebro

Finally, international arbitration is governed by bilateral and multilateral treaties, including bilateral investment treaties or investment protection agreements, providing protections for investments against for instance expropriation, and bilateral friendship, commerce and navigation treaties, which deal only incidentally with international arbitration. Skender Allkja The facsimile numbers of the Parties respectively are as follows: Its main focus is as stated in the title, i.

In addition to this document, the Sub-consultant shall provide for each investigation of each section of road: So it is necessary to perform appropriate geotechnical investigations in order to define the conditions of foundation for such constructions as well as the stability of the retaining wall within the terrain.

All units to be used shall be ones of the international system. Master of Sciences in Mechatronics Engineering. Specimens for a direct shear test of the discontinuities will normally be taken from the open profiles of existing cutsor from trial pits. These will be affected by the construction of the dam. Winning candidates for the second cycle of studies. The final objective of these geotechnical studies is to prepare the Geotechnical report supporting the final design and more precisely – for the embankments: Or create a new account.

All the documents issued by the Sub-Consultant will be provided in 3 three different formats: