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A review, and links to other information about and reviews of The Other Side by Alfred Kubin. When the protagonist of The Other Side by Alfred Kubin follows an invitation to take up residence in the secret Dream Kingdom that his school. Author: Alfred Kubin The Other Side tells of a dream kingdom which becomes a nightmare, of a journey to Pearl, a mysterious city created.

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We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure. To ask other readers questions about The Other Sideplease sign up. Open Preview See a Problem? Da un barlume kybin comprensione nacque una forza, un’aspirazione As it turns out, the structures share other qualities that are not immediately obvious; the reveal of these is one of the book’s most kuubin disturbing ones — in a book that is through-and-through disturbing.

The thought crossed my mind that Patera was not alive at all. The Other Side by Alfred Kubin. As puppets, we cannot cut our own strings.

Now he grew boundlessly, he dug up a volcano from which still hung, snail-shaped and twisted, a granite intestine torn from the entrails of the earth. Review quote “It was almost alfrex vision of evil. There are a lot of interesting episodes and touches in this book, but it doesn’t come together like it could have.

It has his black-and-whites throughout.

Celebrating Alfred Kubin’s Novel “The Other Side” | Weird Fiction Review

Pardon me, I haven’t been sleeping much at all and I am coming from invisible germs on sweaty palms and stomach numbing nerves. I adore Kubin as an artist and no less as a othee.


For most of this book what we see is a very strange world, but one that could be constructed without any sort of supernatural aid. The best that can be hoped for is a certain sife as we recognize our place as puppets within the larger system that controls us. Kubin, influenced by the Decadent movement, has provided us with this phenomenal representation of decline.

It was probably from when I made dead lizards dance as a four year old my biographer says so.

oddly weird fiction: The Other Side, by Alfred Kubin — prepare to be disturbed

Return to Book Page. But they’re not structures of great beauty or even otherwise remarkable — one of the many odd things about this odd place. Creatures large and small have multiplied and infested the city.

On the surface this is a story about a person who gets an invitation from his old school friend Patera to join him in his newly founded Dream Country. How can narrative closure be reached amid such anxiety? If I don’t remember what the hell happened at te time in my life between this part of the book and today it isn’t my fault.

The Other Side

View all 68 comments. The present population of the Dream Realm is 65, What worlds do we create when we sleep?

They make a very long journey to the far east ending up finally at the outer wall of the Dream Realm. No es un libro que pueda leerse sin, aunque sea, un poco de esfuerzo. Murders are committed with increasing intensity.

So it comes that just a few days later he leaves with his wife for Dream Kingdom via Baku and Samarkand. For one, Patera is militantly anti-modern: Mariel people rise up against their oppressors! Just east of Samarkand I was hooked, so I ordered it. The Dream Land is a paper cut kind of festering.


Posted by David X at 9: Things do not go particularly well for the narrator — and worse for his wife. This pointedly fails to lead to revolution, despite the opportunities a sleeping populace presents. So the old lady who would cross the street to avoid the pointing finger lady from The Princess Bride y’know, the one who calls Princess Buttercup on her unfaithfulness complains about noises at uncomfortable hours of the day.

They are a tribe of dreamers, eccentrics and artists creating their own drowsy, magical, eccentric world. Books by Alfred Kubin. It also contains his original illustrations.

What won me was the second half which is a vivid rendition of chaos come, end-of-times. Paperbackpages. Better to throw shit at the wall and get your responses alrfed of it. Eingestellt von Edith LaGraziana um Dec 28, Andy rated it really liked it.

Weird #1 The Other Side (excerpt) by Alfred Kubin (1908)

There’s a lot of uncertainty about what is going on here, and what to make of it, all of it submerged in kind of slow churning torpor translation issues? Looking for beautiful books? I don’t want to hear tongues click. Other books apfred this series.

After introducing himself the stranger explains the reason for his visit. With a snort, he inflated his lungs, filling first the right and then the left side of his chest, and then with his fingers on the eighteen nipples played the most tge harmonica pieces.

I didn’t like being told that they all belonged together in spite of that. Book ratings by Goodreads.