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QuadraSynth Plus – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Alesis QuadraSynth Plus manual: Amp / ALFO / AENV. Alesis Quadrasynth s4 Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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The following diagram illustrates the signal flow within each QuadraSynth Plus Program. If you select another Mix before storing, your changes will be lost. It is a complete digital signal processing unit with four input buses, simultaneous multiple effects, and flexible signal routing.

If you select to copy sound 2 to Program 45, the sound will be copied into sound 2 of Program Chapter 6 higher the number either positive or negativethe greater the effect for a given amount Also note that the Filter Envelope may have no effect if some other modulation source, or the basic setting of the filter, has already pushed the filter cutoff frequency to its maximum.

Page 91 64 voices in no time. There are four possible settings: Take a note of the number.

Alesis Quadrasynth

This is extremely useful for multitimbral setups where the QuadraSynth plays back different sounds on different MIDI channels. Chapter 5 to use.

In Mix Play Mode, Many acoustic instruments, such as acoustic guitars, sound brighter when you play them more forcefully. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Chapter 6 Sound Overlap 00 to 99 Wlesis determines how many voices can overlap on the same This allows you to isolate individual channels in a Mix. Auditioning Mix Mode There are many different ways to program a Mix.


Amp / ALFO / AENV – Alesis QuadraSynth Plus User Manual – Page of |

Programs, and the keyboard can generate up to 16 channels of MIDI data at once. View the discussion thread. Master Controller for Live Us You might think of these as the typical post-fader sends found on a mixing console. Page As this value is changed, the second parameter destination will be linked.

AC Power Hookup The QuadraSynth works with the voltage of the country it is shipped to either or V, 50 or 60 Hzand comes with a line cord or power supply suitable for the destination to which the keyboard is shipped. This controls how much boost will be applied to frequencies above and including the one selected by the Hi EQ Frequency. When using Edit 4 mode, sounds using Drum Mode will be unavailable for editing; only sounds not in Drum Mode will be editable in the bargraph display.

Page 30 – Example 2: Page 97 4 has no effects of its own, but can be routed to manal same Reverb effect as send 3. The higher the number negative or positivethe greater the effect. Resetting A Parameter Value While Compare mode is selected, you can move around to view the various parameters, but you will not be able to edit anything. Chapter 7 Stereo Chorus.

Therefore, much thicker and richly textured sounds can be created. More negative values drive the cutoff frequency lower for a given amount of velocity.

This determines how the drum will respond to the dynamics of your playing the keyboard. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Page 61 Editing Mixes: Page Effects Edit parameters when a Program is stored.

Think of the Mix function in the QuadraSynth’s effects section as being similar to the effect return control on a mixing console. Try out some of these functions while playing the keyboard. Use 1-PITCH mode when you want a program sound layer to play a single pitch polyphonically throughout the entire keyboard range.


Alesis QuadraSynth Reference Manual

Page 63 Editing Mixes: Auditioning Internal Programs [5] for Program 5; press alesiw then [1] then [3] for Program Each patch in alfsis mix corresponds to a different MIDI channel, so that the Quadrasynth can become a multitimbral playback device for external sequencers or MIDI file players. Pitch Bend Wheel is used.

Playing The Demo Sequence Playing the Demo Sequence The QuadraSynth Plus has a built-in demo sequence which demonstrates the wide variety of sounds this amazing instrument is capable of generating. Footpedals, breath controllers, and modulation wheels can vary sounds as you play, thus Chapter 7 Configuration 3: Also, become familiar with the signal and modulation flow within the QuadraSynth Plus as shown in the various block diagrams included in this manual so that you can understand the many ways in which you can process a signal as it works its way from oscillator to output.

Pedal 1 And 2 Assignment Keyboard and have Pedals turned on. The shelving EQ is only available in Configuration s 4 and 5.

In the mids, microcomputers became inexpensive enough to be built into consumer- priced musical instruments. Drum Mode will be editable in the bargraph display.