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On the 2nd of October in , Aeroperú made history with a frantic and .. From an unofficial translation of the accident report by the Peru. Operator: AeroPeru. Registration: N52AW Flight took off from Lima runway 15 at am for a flight to Santiago. Five minutes after . Accident location: Exact; as reported in the official accident report. +−. Leaflet | ©. by Aeroperu, crashed into the Pacific (?can, about 30 miles off the coast of Lima was attempting to return to Lima when the accident occurred.

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Except, then, for B2, computers alone could not cause any of the other failure modes. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles with unsourced statements from December All Wikipedia articles needing clarification Wikipedia articles needing clarification All articles with failed verification Articles with failed verification Coordinates on Wikidata.

The radar indications can be tracked and converted to speed. Dye shows how there exist work-arounds – that the aircraft systems provide the lost information, in a degraded form, redundantly. The defendants agreed not to contest liability in Chile.

Boeing N52AW 32 Advise airlines for the establishment of specific guides to the problem of static port blockages.

The aircraft plunged into the water and sank. This must have been a great relief to the flight crew, as it corresponded to what accidenf altimeter was showing. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, D. It can be concluded from these figures that the B is generally an extremely safe aircraft.

Also contributing to their difficulty were the numerous cockpit alarms that the computer system generated, which conflicted both with each other and with the instruments. There is a further sense in which it was misleading: Effectively, it means that you are heading through an unpredictable set of fast winds.

Fear of Landing

This accident was the result of controlled flight into terrain CFIT. The controller reported that they were at 9, feet. The static ports being covered were, Boeing said, a aaeroperu case of careless maintenance followed by a negligent pre-flight inspection by the captain.


The captain attempted to notify ATC but then he was interrupted by the rudder ratio alarm. But a super scary story. The flight controls are conventional hydromechanical systems. Investigators have been unable to find and recover the right side static ports. Earlier this year, US officials had threatened to charge Peru with failure to comply with ICAO standards unless the Peruvians took steps to improve their oversight of commercial aviation.

Since the crew descended under control into the ocean apparently believing they were at over 9, ft.

Determine the contributing factors regardless of their origin, whether they result from errors associated with the pilot, mechanic, dispatcher, air traffic controller or any other participant in the operational system.

CHip on A Christmas Miracle Do I detect a similarity between this and the recent Indonesian crash, in that both involved automated systems overruling the….

The flight crew did not know it but the aircraft had entered a gentle accidentt. There rrport hundreds of distinct systems on this aircraft. Jenney’s suggestion that this might have helped in the Birgenair case seems more apposite – but given the basic crew mistakes, and acident inability to use the alternative instruments they already had, one could question whether yet another problem indication would have brought home to them what was going on.

There were no life jackets nor life rafts for the passengers.

It appears from The Times’ report that reporrt pilot was confused as to his altitude, the meaning of some cockpit warnings, and the attitude of the aircraft at various points.

The pilot had reported mechanical trouble before the accident, said he was turning back and declared an emergency. At this stage, they were unsure of their height, their speed, the state reporr their rudder and the state of their stabiliser.

This accident occurred when the pilots lost control of the aircraft in the climb after takeoff.

The last stage was to clean and polish the lower aaeroperu part of the fuselage. This meant that they now had three references to information that they could trust: With low airspeed and the aircraft in a climb, the aircraft suddenly dropped feet; a stall.


Make the crew aware that it is mandatory to follow the evasive procedures in response to GPWS terrain alarms and conduct practical sessions in flight simulators.

Finally, the pre-flight checks included aeeoperu specific task of checking that the static ports were clear; however when the captain did his walk-around, he never noticed the tape.

Aeroperu B Accident

They were selected from the very best and were used to, indeed were highly trained to cope with extreme situations. There were seven cabin crew and sixty-one passengers for the flight to Santiago. The hypothesis I currently favor in the Aeroperu accident would show a greater depth of procedural failure. Feport changes the source, using a different static port, which should reinstate access to correct altitude and airspeed data.

The B flying with airlines, a total of 1, built is an older aircraft, in service for 35 years, no aeropsru manufactured. Instinctively checking their height at this point, he realised there was something wrong.

The mishap was survivable and easily so. This accident highlighted the importance of the pitot-static system and the effects of spatial disorientation in a way that is hard to over-emphasise. I know this does not give airspeed, but with altitude and ground speed, one can work out airspeed and by watching altitude change, get at least a rough idea of AoA?

Accident Case Study

For example, it is not yet known whether control of the aircraft was lost. It was clear to the crew that not all of the alarms could be correct.

The accident aircraft photographed at Miami eight months before the accident. Worse, the ports were only partially blocked.

Give controller resource management CRM courses so sccident controllers have better situation awareness and decision-making abilities in emergency cases, training controllers in human factors and problem-solving. Final report, Boeing Accident, Aeroperu, 2 October My objective is to give pilots the tools they need to fly more safely.