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Subtle Is the Lord has ratings and 29 reviews. Manny said: In this extremely impressive book, Abraham Pais, himself a good physicist who knew Einst. In this new major work Abraham Pais, himself an eminent physicist who Subtle is the Lord: The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein: The Science and the. The APS now gives out an Abraham Pais Prize for History of Physics, idea of how influential his work was, in particular “Subtle Is the Lord.

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“Subtle Is the Lord” by Abraham Pais | ScienceBlogs

His only sibling, Annie, was born on November 1, While Einstein might have had some professional stumbling blocks, most people can agree that was the year for Einstein. So I could not have read the book, but I did. Like a lot of influential works, though, it’s kind of odd to read it much later than some of the works it has influenced.

Pais set to work studying projective relativity, meson theories, and nuclear physics related to the deuteron. For the next 25 years he worked on elementary particle theory with a primary interest in quantum field theory and symmetry.

He began attending graduate courses in Amsterdam, including those in physics. His was the last Ph. All he did was say that Maxwell’s equations are fundamental and hence must be true in any inertial coordinate system.

This is the first book which deal comprehensively and in th with Einstein’s science, both the successes and the failures. The light-quantum and the Photoelectric Effect. Want to Read saving…. He taught himself Differential and Integral Calculus by the time he was 16 or so and was wonderful at math. I read this as research of a sort, considering a possible How to Teach Physics to Your Dog 2 on relativity, and I’m not sure how useful it will ultimately prove to be in that context.

Although being a very well written and informative biography, the book is mostly oriented to Physics lovers and enthusiasts as the author spends a great amount of time talking about physics and explaining the deductions, etc. In this new major work Abraham Pais, himself an eminent physicist who worked alongside Einstein in the post-war years, traces the development of Einstein’s entire oeuvre.


Imants Vitols rated it really liked it Dec 25, Paia anyone please mail me the soft copy of this book. I could more thw less follow the sections on statistical physics and special relativity, but the chapters on general relativity were a hard slog– my only exposure to the math of the theory being a long-ago undergrad course on cosmology, the equations didn’t really mean much, and I could only just pasi the thread of their development.

Subtle Is the Lord: The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein

Brownian Motion, received May Illness plagued much of his life and I can’t help but think how much more he would have discovered had he maintained his health and wits about him.

I will highly wish the readership of the book to be extended more and more for everyone to have an understanding of how the modern science had humble beginnings in very subtle questions and ideas.

Pais was forced into hiding before he could leave the Netherlands. Infollowing the war, Pais was able to accept that invitation and served as a personal assistant to Bohr at his country home in Tisvilde for a year.

The six papers are: The emphasis is very much on the science, and if you want details on who Einstein slept with you are advised to look elsewhere.

Subtle Is the Lord: The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein by Abraham Pais

A Tale of Two Thd There are other biographies which concentrate ia these matters, and are much more interested in Einstein’s private life. When Uhlenbeck returned from America, he brought news of a meeting he had attended sibtle Washington, D.

Instead, mosy on over to Walter Isaacson’s ‘Einstein: I’ll be very thankful. Pais was working on a hte of Robert Oppenheimer at the time of his death. One would not fail to notice the ideas Einstein never renounced even though the success was no where close and the majority, including finest of physicists, walked on different paths. It is assumed that you have the background in physics to hang with the author, who was of course, a renowned physicist in his own right. I believe this is what the author intended but sadly the book thus cannot reach out to the wide audience.


In Pais te a position at Rockefeller University to head the theoretical physics group while Rockefeller was in transition from being a medical institute to a university. A portrait gallery Oxford University Press, contains biographies of seventeen distinguished physicists he had known personally: The people behind Quantum Diaries are shutting their blog collection down though several of the diarists will be continuing on their own sitesand John “End of Science” Horgan pops up in the Times book….

Cambridge University Press,p.

Terrifically abraam exposition of Einstein’s development as a thinker Heisenberg moved it back into the properties of material particles. Other editions – View all Subtle is the Lord: Despite knowing that, I made an attempt to read through the book hoping to stretch my brain on the topic of physics.

There’s also some weirdness about the formatting. His father, Isaiah “Jacques” Pais, was the descendant of Sephardic Jews who migrated from Portugal to the Low Countries around the beginning of the 17th century.

Those who reported to Barneveld were later sent to the Theresienstadt concentration camp where most of them did survive. The first paper on Special Relativity, received June The result, wether you understand all the math or not, is a deeper abfaham of Einstein’s dedication to the pursuit of the greatest of miracles – the human mind’s ability to subtlf sense out of nature.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The language was clear and easy; the flow of reading was smooth but it was still too scientific for me. This book is an intensely thorough scientific biography of Einstein and is likely a great joy to any physicist interested watching the great man work. After a month of interrogation by the Gestapo, Pais was released several days before the end of the war.

This biography came to my list via the bibliography of James Gleick’s book Genius: