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Silence is a much more used method in the Orient: It is possible not to evaluate.

This demonstrates a convergence between the intentions of production in popular culture and the communication objectives of a research institute, such as ESA. There are different approaches towards communication science in different countries. The feminist rhetoric Such story-telling is typical for the latest changes in the field of rhetoric, it allows us to investigate on a meta-theoretical level the conceptual framework of rhetoric.

The original period of Zeitungswissenschaft was followed by the period of Publizistikwissenschaft, the science of public communication. By implementing Hubble 15th Anniversary projectthe European Space Agency ESA follows the new realities of Public Relations and science communication which apply to research institutes concerned with astronomy.

Starting from this neutral post there were generated comments into the some day, during 5 hours and 9 minutes and 23 comments w the days after. The feminist rhetoric tries to find and answer to the question: At least they are trained for it and cincex developed and improved their skills while technology developed. The local and regional press took the same path of development.

Human communication was analyzed also from the perspectives of other sciences. People who refuse to consider an advocate’s arguments and appeals or who are completely closed to alternative perspectives cannot, in Bitzer’s judgment, constitute a rhetorical audience.


Her areas of interest include translation general and specialisedinterpretation, terminology, and French language. Stasis theory helps communicators conduct critical analyses of the issues they are investigating. If the image of the scientist could have been, until recently, an efficient vector through which financing could be attracted, nowadays, because of the more impersonal character of the research activity, this instrument becomes insufficient.

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The distribution of these members into the sociogram can be observed into the following picture: The detailed day-by-day distributions for each month fincea the following: The newspaper as a first vehicle of mass communication was the main focus of scientific studies in this field. The bigger the structure they were working for, the better their professional qualification was, by attending specific academic programs or professional trainings.

Who does the speaker address and why? Otherwise, if they have only a minimal communication in the virtual space, the social distance increases significantly. Therefore, a large number of papers followed this broad topic and focused on instances in the contemporary history of developing new science branches in Romania or worldwide, as well as specific challenges of research in current sociolinguistic trends.

Third, kairos means that the problem or crisis has brought with it a time of opportunity for accomplishing some purpose which could not be carried fola at some other time. Once censorship officially cincex, it was usually up to the management of the company and of the news. Her main research interests include literature, lexis and teacher training. Fio,a, as said by Margaret Syverson She is the founder and the coordinator of the BA and MA programs in advertising at this institution.

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We propose a three-fold analysis of the space: IRT was not developed specifically for crisis communication, but it fits very well, since a crisis is a reputation threat. Introduction As far as our knowledge in concerned, at this moment, there are no systematic academic studies about the way in which the public communication is developed in Romania at the level of public space by the politicians and, in general, by any form of an official authority of the state.


The gesture may send us to the above Wittgensteinian distinction between saying and showing, between sense and non-sense.

His main areas of research lie in translation studies, narratology, modern English and American poetry. Her areas of interest include translation general and specialiseddiscourse analysis, pragmatics, French language teaching. He has co- authored 6 books and more than 30 articles; he has also participated in 26 national oar international conferences and 30 research projects. As a sociologist with more than 14 years of experience in social research, he was involved in projects involving conception, implementation, management and reporting various studies related to the labour market or to the health of communities, organizational diagnosis, branding, academic management, etc.

Implicit in all three meanings embraced by kairos is the concept of an individual time having a critical ordinal position set apart from its predecessors and successors.

The conclusion reached by the actors in the scientific research sector is that science can too be promoted as a commodity, in the benefit on the scientific community, and its contents can be used to create cultural products which subscribe to the production and consumption logic specific to popular culture.