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The CDB device consists of six Schmitt-Trigger inputs. Each circuit functions as an inverter with Schmitt-Trigger input. The trigger switches at different. Buy low price, high quality hefbp hef ic with worldwide shipping on Results for ” hef bp ic ” (28 Results) View More ยท ( China). DESCRIPTION. Each circuit of the HEFB functions as an inverter with Schmitt-trigger action. The Schmitt-trigger switches at different.

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Also BC 02 and what looks like UnG inscribed on them too. When I can find those 2Ns that a kind souls sent to me in a synth doggiebag I’ll build one of these. Fri Feb 05, Fri Feb 09, 2: Please support 40016 site.

He said pretty much what you have just said. I’m getting very different results on my Cacophonator breadboard with these new chips.


This is so great this DIY thing!

I’ll post the diagram here or elsewhere soon. Not perfect, but very useful. Well, I like it anyway Apr 10, Posts: Wed Jan 20, 7: If you can wait a bit, I shall get this done as soon as I can.

Actually i do not like most of these bleeping noise “weird sound” generators, but this one sounds good and it is extremely simple and may be a nice piece for modular system.

Maybe the standard Doepfer-style solution like 0. Jan 20, Posts: Dec 30, Posts: As soon as I return, I shall stripboard this up and post the diagram here. I’m well into the process of building a strip board version now. Sun Jan 24, View unread posts View new posts in the last week Mark the topic unread:: But i’m afraid that this circuit is dedicated for use only with battery. Jan 31, Posts: Think I liked the breadboard better.

Jun 07, Posts: Tue Feb 20, 1: Sorry about the delay. Sat Feb 17, 4: About to stripboard it. Only problem is I pulled a lot of components off the board to build the stripboard. It would save me som time.

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Sun Jan 24, 6: On the linked article see above there is a very simple circuit to test any transistor and see if it is a negistor. Sat Feb 17, 7: I made an Atari Punk Console with a sequencer last week.

Probably not forum etiquette my son tells me this is called ‘necro-posting’ I guess you all know the negistor and friends, but just in case: Wonder what happens if use use inverters instead og inverted schmitt triggers, probably not gonna work?

Mon Jan 18, Display posts from previous: Mostly on breadboard and stripboard. Uncle Krunkus Moderator Joined: Oct 26, Posts: I’ll see if I can work out what’s going on.